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  1. Thanks you all so much for the warm welcome and helping me feel like I can actaully pull this off ! Calamari, I'm Glad I'm not the only one who leaps before they look ! The house was taken apart some, and sanded as best it could get years ago, Unfortunately I've moved twice since then, and all of the trim, windows and doors somehow failed to move with me, lol. I was a bit worried since the windows and doors, seem smaller than what seems to be the standered sizes I'm finding online :lol: The electric worry comes directly from my cluelessness I have a Dollhouse barn that someone painted and wired for me, and the plugs on the lights are thicker than the walls of the Washington ! I thought they might go right though the walls ! Having the barn did teach me something though, I need lights with replace-able bulbs ! Nuttiwebgirl - I think the house is over 20 years old ! I was a wee little one when I got it, and father wallpapered it with what appears to be iron -bondo and christmass wrapping paper ! *laughs* Since David said y'all don't bite, I'll be asking lots and lots of questions. And I'll prolly take pictures of this Disaster and put them on the web somewhere, that ought to amuse some body ! B) Thankfully and taking several deep breaths while searching for siding and electric, Mayadevi
  2. Hello all ! I am the most clueless of newbies and I am wanting to rebuild an old Greenleaf Washington that has fallen apart. (Well,aside from the part that father seems to have welded together somehow I'd like to electrify it, with a cir-kit concepts kit, so that I can move the lights around, but I am afraid that won't work, since the walls are so thin? I'd also like to shingle the roof, and add a new porch, staircase and working doors and windows...so lots of work ! I have no idea what order to do things in ! HELP ! If I add siding when does that go on? Can someone please, please give me an idea of what order to do this in ? I am soo lost ! LOL Cluelessly hopeful, Mayadevi
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