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    Yes, I am crazy about dachshunds! I love the breed. I've raised them for over 33 years and currently have a long-haired male named Shilo. He'll be 12 on Aug. 5th and he is still just like a puppy! He is slim, trim and terribly handsome!! He will play fetch anytime of the day or night and he is such a sweetie. Loves walks, or course, and ignores all of this neighbor dogs; such a gentleman. I hope he lives forever!!<br />And, of course, dollhouses are my passion and my main hobby. I built almost 3, (not counting the ones I have made this year and last year) hubby made one and I bought one already made. I finished re-doing my huge dollhouse (the one with the unknown name). The one side was becoming loose, so I took it all apart and started from day one.

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  1. doxielady1508


    Thanks Linda; I appreciate your reply! Barb
  2. doxielady1508


    Thanx so much corispice; it is appreciated!! Barb
  3. doxielady1508


    Thanks so much, Jo! Have a happy wkend!!
  4. I, too, made the Conventry along time ago. I love the colors that you used...I would never thought to use lilac on the roof, but it sure complements the rest of the house and colors. Very nice!!
  5. Very sweet, charming dh. I need to make a smaller house, instead of all these huge ones! Barb
  6. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/i...&album=2992 This had to be my fav dh to accessorize in the inside. I love the large rooms; so much easier to furnish, etc: :lol: Now I have an excuse to go to Wallymart again..I need glue sticks to finish the claspboard and the asphalt shingles on the roof.... :lol: Enjoying the Willow, Barb
  7. doxielady1508

    My Willow

    This is a gorgeous dh; I love the large, spacious rooms. It is going to be so much fun furnishing and decorating it. I have alot of ideas. Check back later to see what I have acomplished.
  8. Your witch is beautiful instead of a mean-looking ole hag....She looks very realistic...awesome!! Barb
  9. No, she hasn't any markings at all; I thought it was quite weird, too. I just thought she was unusual with the blue tinted face. Thanks for the feedback tho, Ladies! Barb
  10. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/i...&album=3042 Sure would like some ideas...thanks!!
  11. doxielady1508

    porcelain doll

    She has a very pale blue porcelain face; unusual doll
  12. I bought this doll at Macy's in St.Paul, Mn in 1982; she is like 16" tall and dressed in a sailor type dress, straw hat and pantaloons; very cute! This doll porcelain face is a light blue...never saw another one like it. I have searched all over for a value on this doll, but can't even find one that has a blue porcelain face. Any ideas?
  13. I love rummage sales, but as I get older, nothing much interests me there anymore, so I get stuff for the grandkids. I loved watching the show "Cash In the Attic" on HGTV and "Antigue Roadshow" on PBS. Alot of this stuff they have they find at sales or on curbs. Lucky for them!!
  14. The Willow would be a great choice! I love the sizes of the rooms; very large.
  15. BEAUTIFUL DH!! If I ever started a huge dh like this one, it'd take me longer than 8 yrs...wow...big dh!! Barb
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