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    I'd like to sit out on that deck on a nice sunny day and sip a lemonade or two ... very pretty.
  2. GenieBird

    Mischievous Horde?

    Love them ... did you make them? (if so, how?)
  3. GenieBird


    That is one gorgeous house.
  4. Very impressive. You've done a great job.
  5. I sometimes find her asleep in there LOL ... I think she wants her own room ... ;)
  6. Amazing detail ... I did laugh at you putting in the water pipes ... It's a great bathroom.
  7. LOL yes, it is quite large. This is the one that I had made, but I do wish I had waited until I have more of an idea of what I was doing. I can see many changes I would have liked. Still, I do like the house and I'm looking forward to forging ahead with it. I have painted it now, just a couple of coats of white undercoat, so that I can get started on planning rooms (once I get the cats out of there). I went to the Annual Miniatures Exhibition here in July and bought a few little things, but I didn't see any wallpaper that really made me want to buy it. Did get some black and white tilin
  8. From the album: Jeanies Main House

    Trying to figure out which room should be which ... I keep changing my mind.
  9. GenieBird

    Jeanies Main House

    From go to ... ongoing. My progress on my Edwardian house
  10. From the album: Jeanies Main House

    Assembled the stairway, staining and varnishing almost done.
  11. From the album: Jeanies Main House

    Lilura helping me get started.
  12. I can relate so strongly to everything you have said. Growing up I was always hearing people say (in the distance or so I thought at the time) "oh, she's off with the fairies again". It was so true, I was always away in my own world. So it was no surprise to anyone when dollhouses became such an absorbing hobby of mine. Like your boyfriend, my husband just lives in all the pieces of my make believe worlds and he tells me that if it's what makes me happy, just do it ... so I do
  13. The Secret Garden? I do the same thing with my houses. I create the family and a life for them and then I love to model the home around them.
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