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    I love miniatures, dollhouses, dolls, CATS (real ones), leadlight and decoupage, reading and painting and cycling among other things. My trouble is that I have so many projects and only tend to complete a few. I must discipline myself more. I have built two dollhouses and have a custom made one, but haven't completed furnishing any.

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  1. Thanks so much everyone. I contacted a friend in Texas (as I'm in Australia) and she has had the sheet sent to her from Greenleaf and is sending it over to me. I'm so excited about receiving it. I'm going to turn it into an antique shop when it's finally built. Yes, Greenleaf do have terrific customer service, thankfully
  2. I bought a Glencroft Dollhouse Kit from a lady online some years back. She said she had opened it but everything was intact. Stupidly, I didn't check it until now ... I know, I should be ashamed of myself and it's something I wouldn't do now, but this was back in the days when I trusted people online ... Anyway, as you have probably guessed, one of the sheets is missing. Sheet #11, which is the one containing the Front Roof Right Side and Left Gable and so forth ... in other words, main parts. It's too long ago and I can't remember the person I bought it from ... really, I could smack myself upside the head for being so silly and trusting. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do to obtain this sheet now at this late stage? I would appreciate any help at all. Jeanie
  3. That's a good idea, thank you for that. It's the mould I'm particularly worried about further down the track ...
  4. Thank you so much for that. It wasn't actually what I was looking for, but I'm very pleased that you posted it as I will use it in the future ...
  5. Hello. I haven't posted here in quite some time, unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way ... I have been working on my witch house and wanted to make a very weathered gray coloured flagstone exterior. I have collected a number of old egg cartons which are the ideal colour to begin with, but wondered if anyone knows how I can actually make the 'mulch' for the bricks. I have seen a papier mache type substance made from the egg cartons that would be terrific, but unfortunately, I can't seem to find the right ingredients ... no doubt some preservative would have to be added, or a mould inhibitor? Can anyone tell me or point me in the direction of some information regarding this? I would be most grateful. Jeanie
  6. Silly of me, I mentioned checking out the VAME website then completely forgot to put the URL in for you LOL. Here it is ... http://www.vame.org.au/ ... and here is a New Zealand one, too, just in case you don't have it ... http://nzame.org/
  7. Well Helen, if you ever do make it to Melbourne, you must contact me and come along as my guest to the Miniatures group I belong to. They sound to be the complete opposite to the group where you are. We always have a great time each month at our workshops. You can check out our website if you like to see our projects etc. You certainly wouldn't want to be visiting New South Wales at the moment, sadly. Our rain belt just doesn't seem to want to get up there and seems to stop just short of the fires. Nice to know you are also supervised by a feline. I have four, two siamese and an oriental shorthair plus a dear ex feral moggie. All girls, all divas. I did have German Shepherds but after the last one passed away my husband decided he couldn't cope with the losses anymore so we haven't introduced another ... yet! Oh, and I also had a white budgie (named Sooty of course LOL). She was called a cinnamon lacewing. Very pretty little bird, and such a character. I've just had a read of your silicone filler debacle. Oh my, I can understand the frustration for sure. The migraines certainly don't help do they. Mine seem to have taken a vacation for the last couple of years. I don't know what I'm doing right, but whatever it is I want to keep doing it. I've had them since I was 13 years of age, so I'm thinking hormones may have had something to do with that (now that I don't have any LOL). I have been using my first, very basic, dollhouse to experiment upon before trying any task on my 'good' ones. I'm also experimenting with a cladding for outside walls made from egg cartons. I don't think I have the recipe right yet, but will have to question my source at our next meeting ... she is a goldmine of ideas and expertise. It's an interesting look ... a cross between adobe and tudor style exteriors. I really must set to and get more done on my house. I did the undercoat on the large one, but haven't touched it since (I did put photos in my gallery of that). I'm just so fascinated by making the tiny objects right now so when that dwindles down I will get back to the houses ...
  8. Welcome Helen. I'm from Melbourne in Aus so just across the way from you I also noted that you have a beautiful cat in your profile photo, it's always nice to meet another cat lover. I see you have suffered the same fate as I have. That of building the house only to find the original plans we have made for it have gone by the by LOL. I have four on the go at the moment, and I run into the same trouble with each and every one (and I'm about to begin building the fifth one). I really will have to discipline myself. I belong to a miniature group here and of late I've been busy making one inch scale items, so my painting and wallpapering have taken a back seat. However, I will soon be started on those projects again. I'll be looking forward to seeing your photos.
  9. I'm very lucky to have a great miniatures club in my area, but it's a bit far for you all to come ... I'm in Melbourne, Australia. It's the VAME organization and if you want, you can take a look at it's website here ... http://www.vame.org.au/
  10. I love your enthusiasm, it's very catching ... Looking forward to seeing your album when you get one up and running. I have a two day workshop next weekend on a Wizard's table, and can hardly wait to go. It's lovely to meet you.
  11. Someone sent me this on Facebook this week. It looks very interesting, especially if you have an interest in Medieval and Tudor periods. It's well worth a look. http://theinfill.wordpress.com/ Jeanie
  12. GenieBird


    I'd like to sit out on that deck on a nice sunny day and sip a lemonade or two ... very pretty.
  13. GenieBird

    Mischievous Horde?

    Love them ... did you make them? (if so, how?)
  14. GenieBird


    That is one gorgeous house.
  15. Hello Nancy. I had that problem, too, with two of my houses. As the other members have said, a sharp craft knife is the answer along with lots of prayers and prizing LOL. I'm just at the stage where I have my own gallery now, but only three pictures to put on it, and none of the three are very interesting right now. I have yet to finish one of mine, I just get so excited about the others that I can't stay on just one for any length of time.
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