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  1. Thankyou very much for this info and I like that you found them with two different measurements that made the same size brick (because I only understood one of the measurements) to cut. Thanks again :thumb: I am doing my daughters homework for her. Her teacher Mr. B. had the class read a book called "The Dollhouse Murders", I was not given this assignment (of reading the book) however I was elected by my daughter to "help" her with the rest of the assigment which is to build a dollhouse (from whatever materials you have on hand) not from a kit. And it has to be scale. 1 - 12 The
  2. Hello every one I haven't been around in awhile and I'm at somewhat of a lose. There's alot of things that I seem to have forgotten and I would really appreciate any help that you can offer. What I'm looking for is the measurements for making bricks out of egg cartons. Was there a tutorial for this? I'm sure someone wrote a tutorial for it somewhere but I can't remember right now. Any help would be fantastic, thank you in advance. Dar
  3. Darlene.

    Our Wedding!

    Congratulations on marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May you have a long and happy life together!! Wishing you all of the best!!
  4. Thank you so much for the tutorial!! Your floors and your house are beautiful!! Sure does help when you have the right tools , now I'm going to go and get me some. Thanks again!!!
  5. I work off of a table sitting on my computer chair in the corner of the living room with full view of children and tv.
  6. Absolutely Fabulous!!!!!!
  7. Darlene.


    Wow what a great job, I love this pic more than the first one!! Can I move in? Your work is beautiful!
  8. Darlene.


    Very nice ceiling work!!
  9. I would love to look but your link isn't working, might be me? not sure tried three times.
  10. I painted my brass hinges with black paint they look great!!
  11. Sorry should have said red/brown brick with marbling through it with grey grouting.
  12. I'm wanting red brick with kind of marlbing through it.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm just a little bit, okay more than a liitle bit stuck. I made paper claybrick siding for my house (I used an impressions matt for this, yes I know that I'm cheating but as paper clay is non toxic I can put the matt back in with my cake decorating things) Any ways I made the paperclay bricks and put them on the side of my house and now I want to paint them. I want them to look fairly realistic in the sense of coloring - I don't want them to be just red, brown, black and white. But those are the colors that I want to make it look right to me. #1 How do I do the grout
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