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  1. Gorgeous! Lots of little details!
  2. joismom

    Rear Part I

    This is an amazing house!
  3. joismom

    "Mo Sews" sewing shop/Tiffani

    Since it was my Mom who has always encouraged my love of crafting, and who does a fair bit of crafting herself. I decided to make her a little shop that encompasses everything she loves. The name of the shop comes from her name. I tried to hand make everything I could and all the shelving is adapted from Micheals furniture. Their petite size fit nicely into this small house.
  4. joismom


    Thanks Bre. I made some of the printies myself but found a lot of them on this website. http://picasaweb.google.nl/sherree2 Definitely a lifesaver!
  5. joismom

    pin1056 pic.JPG

    Amazing! You have a real talent!!!
  6. joismom

    Little goodies I've found.

    Just pics of mini stuff I've found in thrift shops, antique malls.....
  7. joismom


    Your house is amazing!!!!
  8. joismom


    I love browsing through your gallery! You have the most beautiful pieces!
  9. joismom

    Polymer clay people

    Here's my first sculpt attempt using Sue Heasers book.
  10. joismom

    english wartime

    Very nice!!! It looks very cozy!!
  11. joismom

    McKinley Manor

    This is my first dh. I'm having lots of fun putting it together and it's about halfway done construction. Now- almost time to start accessorizing!!!
  12. joismom


    Very, very nice!!!!
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