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  1. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your house. It is beautiful!! I've been of the list for a long time and was so impressed with yours and the other albums I have seen!!! Wow nice work everyone!!
  2. Wow these are great ideas!!! I was looking for the same thing and was pointed out to this topic. Thanks for all the geat tips!!!!
  3. Are you looking for a paper mache recipe? Here's a link for several of them: http://familycrafts.about.com/cs/papermache/a/blpmpastes.htm I found a castle with a moat at this site: http://www.yesnet.yk.ca/schools/jackhullan...s/anya-kim.html It doesn't have a lot of instruction, but it might give you some ideas. You can always paint the moat base with blue and green, add some rocks and then layer in saran wrap for the water. Deb
  4. Thank you so much for showing me the topic that was started. Great ideas from it!!! It has been so long since I have been on the site that it has really changed and I love it!!!! thank you!!
  5. Does anyone know how to make the homemade flour type mixture that you can put on something to simulate water or mountains... My oldest kid made it in school years ago. You add food coloring to make it blue. But I can't remember what all is in the flour mixture. My daughter has to make a castle out of carboard boxes for a school project. We would like to make something around the castle for the moat. Any ideas for something cheap that we can make look like water would be appriciated. Thank you so much Robin
  6. Christine, I love the pictures in your album! :angry: I thinkthe houses are a great source of inspriation for dollhosues I have been doing the same thing. Sometimes it's just pictures of a particular trim I might like too!
  7. So while we're talking about it, I'm curious about other "rare", "unique" or just plain special finds that every one else has. What's the treasure in your collection, where did you find it and why does it speak to you? Deb
  8. Anderea, I love your new website. I was surprised when I saw Jeepers as one of your links. They are a little over an hour away from me. Then I noticed you were from Indiana too :angry: Very nice job on your site and I have it save to my favorites!! Thanks
  9. Deb, I am just in awe of your creativity. Everything is so nice! I could only wish for a creative mind! Beautiful job with all of it. Just beautiful!
  10. Hi, I know I haven't been in here lately and wow, what a change!!! Does anyone know where or how I can get to the instructions that we had when we did the Flower Border Class with Tacy? Thanks!
  11. Tracy you really had a great class!!! It was so fun to be a part of it! I'm just now looking at everyone's flower borders. They are all so beautiful and all so different and uniuqe!!! I love them all!!! I can't put my picture in. My digital is half way accross the country being fixed for a recall on an internal chip!!
  12. Teresa, your border is so beautiful too!!! Now were you the one that had the green pucker juice while you made it? ;)
  13. Wow Jeremy!!! I love the new pictures of your house. It is neat that your friend set up a forum for you. I joined so now I can keep up with the progress of your house and the shows and such that you will take your beautiful B&B to. ;)
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