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  1. Yea I remember from my childhood that it was unpredictable, and sometimes wouldn't shrink completely flat. Also do they still make the kind that dries/shrinks clear, or just opaque? I bet it would make beautiful and unique designs tho if you could figure out how the right size ratio and if it wouldnt be too thick for what you need once shrunken. Doesn't hurt to try, right?
  2. OMG! I thought something was fishy... I went to buy some acrylic paints and all the artists stuff was gone! I live in the middle of no where and even the local craft store which has been there for like 100 years is closing! What am I to do??? Thank goodness for Michael's, even if it is an hours drive away...
  3. Hey everyone! I spent some long hours yesterday making a photoshopped "sketch" of my ideas for the renovation of my Chantilly. I included actual photos from the internet of siding, shingles, windows, railings, etc that I was looking at to use. Also I LOVE purple and was thinking about the color scheme I included in the sketch. I want to add a walk out balcony on the top of the porch as well as some other small remodelings, so do the french doors look weird? Let me know what you all think! Here is a link: (i hope...) http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/uploads/1220016727/gallery_3428_2249_69848.jpg
  4. Lylinightshade

    Chantilly Renovations

    My Childhood dollhouse has been condemned and is in dire need of renovations. This many year project will begin late summer 2008 and end in ??? Here posted will be photos of my joys & frustrations, accomplishments and failures. Enjoy as I will!
  5. favorite flower: wysteria favorite color: purple favorite food: watermelon :yes:
  6. Cool, thanks everyone so far! I have actually just spent the morning taking some "before" pictures and hope to post them soon. I then started stripping my poor house of its windows and trim and the horrible shingle-work i did when i was 12...lol I did watch that electrical tutorial and should have no problem soldering...but what about installing those cute little outlets along the tapewire? are the prongs on the outlets too long for the width of the wall? anyway it'll work i'll make it work. again, thanks all! marie
  7. Thanks for the warm greets all, I hope to feel at home here. I have been browsing around at all the galleries and BOY have you all done some beautiful and amazing work and hope mine comes out half as well! Thanks so much! Marie
  8. Hello all! I have been in love with miniatures since I was a small child. I received my first dollhouse in the form of a Greenleaf Chantilly house kit when I was a young child in the mid-90's. I am 24 now and have pulled my old friend out of the shadows and cobwebs of storage where it has been for the past 10 years. It was my first and only dollhouse and I have great ideas to remodel it and do all of the fine details like moulding and electrical work that i was unable to do as a child. I found this forum and decided to join to share my adventures with other enthusiasts. I believe that miniatures are in no way only intended as playthings for small children, but can be a lifetime hobby for all who have the imagination. I am extremely crafty and good with a low budget. I am working on getting a Visual Arts degree and hope this project will help keep my sanity intact between hitting the books! I can't wait to get started on this HUGE project even if it takes me the next 5 years. I want to take lots of pictures, hear what everyone thinks, and even hopefully give my own advice. So nice meeting you all and I look forward to any and all adventures!
  9. Hello all! I have recently dug my old childhood dollhouse out of storage where it was sadly collecting dust for the past 10 years! After some research I discovered that it is the Greenleaf Chantilly model. I received the kit for a christmas gift when I was a small child in the mid-90's. I built it from scratch by myself (with a little help from my parents). I didn't remember doing such an awful job but now that I look at it, it needs major work!!! I noticed this forum and decided to join and share my adventure in a major remodeling overhaul on my Chantilly house, hoping that I can give as well as receive advice at this loverly place. I am SO excited to get working on this project, even if it takes me the next five years. I am extremely crafty and on a tight budget. I was planning on putting in some working windows and doors but wondering if the pre-assembled 1" scale ones I'm finding online will fit...even if the measurements are pretty close. Also I plan to electrify my house, something I wanted to do as a child. The copper tape method seems easiest to me (I've never done it before, but have been researching) and wondered if the walls in the greenleaf kits are too thin for the pound-in prongs on some of the electrical accessories? Anyhoo, I thought I'd get started stripping and re-priming the house and then do some electrical work and new windows. I plan to take lots of pictures to post of the progress. As soon as I do I would love to hear some feedback on where I should start in all this mess! So nice to meet you all!
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