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  1. Jeremy, that is absolutely amazing! I certainly don't have such lofty aspirations!! I can't even imagine creating something like that. But! I did get my new airbrush set from micromark/paasche and intend on delving into it this weekend. I have (at least) 12 chairs to paint. Cross your fingers for me! It wasn't cheap and hopefully it will be worth it and cut down on some of my time. Thanks!!! Susan
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions! As it turns out, Holly, the Paasche air brush kit is on sale right now at Micro-Mark! So I just placed an order for that and the air compressor. I have the air compressor that I got from Harbor Freight, but I figure if I'm going to do this, I might as well go all the way! Plus now is perfect because I have some extra money for playing for a choral festival last weekend. I'll let you know how it goes when I get the new equipment! Now I am excited again! Thanks! Susan Yes, Jeremy, you are an amazing talent!
  3. Since I couldn't get a picture here, I made up an album of some of the chairs I have been making. There are pictures of actual cakes that brides have sent me. As far as my difficulty, it really is getting the water-to-paint ratio right. I spent about an hour one day working with that and I still couldn't get it right. I realize practice makes perfect, but it certainly is frustrating! And usually I am on deadline with these chairs. But I was curious as to the machine I was using. We had a Harbor Freight open in our area, so I got a kit from there and I know they aren't the highest quality. So I was wondering if that really would make a difference? I have looked on line and there are some pretty fancy kits out there! I would be willing to go more expensive if that would make a difference, but I am not sure if it would. Jeremy, when you say the right kind of needle, I don't think there even is a needle?? (And wonderful work on your ship!!) I will keep trying because it is quite time consumming to paint these chairs- and most of them in white! Thanks for helps! Susan
  4. I have been making Adirondack Chairs for wedding cake toppers the last couple years. It has become quite the business! I have sold all over the US, including Hawaii. Kind of cool to think of my work all over the place and being a "little" part of something so big in peoples lives!
  5. Hello, The last year or so I have made quite a little "business" making adirondack chairs for wedding cake tops. I started by making the 1:12 scale, but with most cake tops being 6", I adjusted my pattern to fit on that. Apparently a lot of store bought chairs are too big because there are times where I am indundated with orders. That is a good news/bad news scenario. Because I make the chairs from scratch, there is quite a lot of time involved. So I thought that when I had a big batch, I would try air brushing. Well, I have tried and have failed miserably. I am not sure if it is me (watering the paint incorrectly?) or the equipment I used. Has anyone had any experience air brushing? Is there a brand that I should be looking into? I realize that air brushing and miniatures don't usually go together, but I thought I would ask! I am going to try and attach a picture (have never been able to do that!) of the last batch I made to give you an idea of the time involvement. Thanks for any information from anyone! Susan
  6. That is an absolutely beautfiful rug! I am very interested in cross-stitching rugs and find I am obsessive about them! So of course I checked out the book you mentioned. And yes, at $99.99 it was a bit steep! So I did some checking around and found what appears to be a very interesting site. It is called" The Mad Samplar - "Where wonderful books go to find new homes!" It has many needlework, knitting, lace, etc. book. They had the book that was $99.99 on Amazon for $85 so I went for it. I don't know what the name would be for searching? But probably The Mad Samplar.com or something like that. But anyways, the point is is that it seemed like a great site for looking for needlework of any kind books. I also got a miniature lace book. Just thought I would pass that on if anyone doesn't know about it! And again, a beautiful rug Emily! Susan
  7. Joanne, hope it works out for you! It is kind of fun trying to figure things out, isn't it? Trying to make things as "realistic" as possible. Sometimes it can be very frustrating.... What is funny about my Adirondack chairs, I have been making those for about a year for wedding cake toppers. Apparently beach themes are very popular! I actually had to take the wedding cake-topper listing off my shop because I couldn't keep up!! But even without it there, I got an order for ten the other day!! It is keeping me from making my miniatures! But at the same time, it is a pretty steady little extra bit of money that I really need. I have sold those frickin' adirondack chairs all over the country, including Hawaii, now. So I shouldn't complain, but I am getting tired of it! I wish I could hire someone to help me... Your door looks great. . Let us know how it works out! I liked mespk2k's rendition. I may have to look into that... Susan
  8. Hello - I made sliding glass windows in my ice cream shop, so same thing but different size. First I found brass pieces at a local hobby/train shop that were squared on three sides and open on one. You know what I mean? Like a "U" shape. Probably any material would work in that shape and if the size was right, You would need four of those cut to the openning size - two for the bottom, two for the top that would run parallel to eachother. These were maybe about 1/8" wide. Then I am fortunate to have a local glass shop so was able to get glass cut to the right sizes - two halves, one slightly bigger than the other. The tricky part, of course!, was getting it in place. Everytime I checked the fitting, etc., I would hold the glass pieces in the brass "tracks". When it all fit okay, I glued in the top set of brass tracks, then placed the second set on the bottom of the glass and fit it in the top, having put the glue in place, then set it in. But you may also probably put the glue on both parts of the window and place the tracks and glass in together. I may not be explaining it so great, but it worked well for me. I used a little piece of the brass track for the handle - glued with superglue on the side. Of course, with doors, you probably want edgings which you could also do with the brass "U" tubing. If you want you may be able to see it in my gallery picture - HSB 2010. You actually made a nice comment! Thank you! The window is behind the ice cream man and I think there are two pictures that maybe you can see what I mean. Or maybe I am just confusing you even more! Either way, good luck! Susan
  9. I got the micromark jigsaw, Janet, thinking how it would be easy to hold, maneuver, etc. Working through 1/8" plywood has been okay as long as I have drilled a started hole. I tried it with MDF and it just shattered the blade, The blades are VERY thin and won't really stand up to much I think. Though I haven't used it a lot. The big issue with this tool is the cost! You have to get the transformer too in order to use it. Of course, there may be other tools that you would use with the transformer so it may be worth it. But I just looked it up and I see the jig saw is on sale for $52 but the transformer is $62. So unless you have other tools to use the transformer with, if you are going to spend that much it seems like you might as well get one of those Bosch's people were talking about! Of course with the scale you are working with, maybe that would be too big. Speaking of that, I looked on Amazon at the Bosch's and wonder was there a particular model someone has used that they liked? There are numerous models. If anyone can let me know what model is best, that would be great.!! Shannon, I too got the Dremel Trio (I love tools!!) and had the same experience you did. I watched the video and thought it looked sooo easy! I have never tried to cut into a house that is made but I can imagine that would be horrendous! Unless you've had a lot of practice. When I cut doors and windows before I assemble, I clamp the wood down as firm as I can and I still can't seem to get a perfect line! Thank goodness for wood filler! Susan
  10. Hello, If you live in the Connecticut area - I am on the New York side - I have The Orchid, The Beacon Hill and the Magnolia for sale. None of the boxes have even been opened. They are not laser cut. I have them on Craigslist with no luck yet. I am willing to go even lower for anyone on this forum! Please PM me if you are interested. Thank you! Susan
  11. Hello! Probably everybody will come back with the same response - Jennifer's Free Dolls House and Miniature Printables. The best! Sorry, I don't know how to post a link, just put it in your search box-thingy and you should get it. If anyone else has that, though! I LOVE this website! Susan
  12. This is really remarkable. The detail is astounding! And it certainly shows a lot of love for what you are doing. And did I see this is your first build?? Very amazing.
  13. Well, I ended up entering for the first time (I just put my pictures in my gallery). It ended up being a very personal project for me. It is an ice cream shop I named after my father-in-law, Grandpa Joe's, who passed away about ten years ago. I used one of his little model airplanes as the "theme". And I have a poster in there (can't see in pictures) of a concert in the park that is conducted by my father who passed away 15 years ago. And I have references to my family - on the bulletin board, my sons favorite baseball team (Reds!) on a sweatshirt- throughout. And the shop is pink because I had to battle with breast cancer this year. I got to experiment with some new things. I had never worked with plexiglss before. I made everything except the gumball machine. I know, my people are kind of funny looking! But I love to knit, so I was able to knit all the clothes, etc. And I made my first baby! Just an all-over project. I know that there is no chance for me, but I am grateful for the experience! The ones I have seen so far on this forum are fantastic! It is amazing what you all can do. Susan
  14. susanklein

    HBS Contest 2010

    My first time entering something for this contest. It became very personal for me - lots of connections to family in this ice cream shop. A fun project.
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