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  1. debra

    The Stone Conservatory

    I had seen this conservatory on the web ages ago, and always wanted to have one like it, I I could never afford to pay the amount the lady charges for her gorgeous creations, so I set about making my own, I made most of the plants out of polymer clay and jewellery findings, or mulberry paper, and the stone floor is made from plaster of paris cast tiles as well. The main sides are paper clay over mdf and the wires are welding wire pilfered from the boys out in the shed lol. I hope you like it.
  2. debra

    Handmade items for dolls houses

    I have been playing around, and made this bed, I did not have any single beds,, so this is what I came up with, I will put up a tut as soon as I take some more pics, it is made from stair spindles and wooden beads.
  3. debra

    Cold porcelain clay experiment.

    My first attempt at making and using cold porcelain clay, will keep you posted on how it goes.
  4. debra

    Free wallpaper printies

    I have collected these over the years, and have photoshoped them, so they are ready to print out on A4 size cardstock or paper. This should give you the right size to cover nearly one wall, if not, just print out a couple and match up the print. I hope you like them, I will add more as I get time, I usually sit and do them while watching telly at night. There will be roses, baby themes, folk art, country style, bold and beatuful, and lots more. If you take a look at my Willow gallery, you will see some of these papers on the walls. Cheers Deb.
  5. debra

    Paper clay cottage

    This is the beginning of what I hope will be a paperclay stone cottage, the windows will be rough sawn timber and stained glass, with an open plan living area inside. There will be a small garden out front.
  6. debra

    Rescued Peirce to rehab

    This is another house I got from my haul of houses in one week lol, I got this and a Dura Craft Southern mansion today from the same lady, plus she has one more in her basement (I think a Dura Craft Marquim Hill Mansion) she is not sure, she said I can buy it from her when she gets it out after the new year, waiting with baited breath lol. She has half built this peirce, so I will finish building it, and when it talks to me I will know what to do with the outside of it. I do have something in mind though. The green car I got today while I was last minute Christmas shopping, isnt it gorgeous. A
  7. debra

    Rescued Beacon Hill Rehab

    This is the Beacon Hill I got on ebay, it is in need of a total rehab as you can see, I have taken "lots" of pics of it before I even touch it, cobwebs and all lol, as you can see it is going to be a very long and tedious job, but never fear, it will be beautiful one day, and bought back to its former glory and take pride of place among the rest of my houses. I am just so glad I was able to rescue it. Debra.
  8. debra

    Twig chair tutorial

    Easy twig chair to make, all you need is some resonably straight twigs a ruler some glue and patience. You can make these any size you wish, just change the measurements as you go along. The same principal applies.
  9. debra

    Rustic Furniture

    I was playing around with sticks, and this is what I came up with.
  10. OMG I have a book of lino, vinyl, floor samples here, and there are some gorgeous ones in it, I am now going to try this, it looks fabulous, and easy to do as well. Cheers Debra.
  11. debra

    Make a chandelier from beads

    An easy to make miniature chandelier, made from beads and jewellery findings, you will need some basic jewellery tools and skills to make this, though it is not that hard to do, the instructions I hope will guide you through the steps. You can add a globe to it if you wish.
  12. Easy to make green leaf fern in a pot for your dollshouse garden, conservatory or patio, looks great inside as well, most Victorian homes had indoor plants in them.
  13. debra

    My MDF room box

    I made this room box out of 3mm MDF it is not quite finished, and I also have nearly finished a tutorial for it as well. I just have to work out how to post a tutorial. lol.
  14. debra

    Shabby Rose Cottage

    Ok, call me mad, as if I don't have enough to do lol. I have planned out and am building my own little cottage out of MDF, it will be painted pink and white, and will have the shabby chic theme through out when finished. I love shabby chic, but my own home does not lend itself to this style, so I will do it in mini lol...
  15. debra

    Tuscan stone cottage

    I have decided to make a small stone cottage, I got these gorgeous stone mixes today at the local hardware store, only $5 for 5kgs of the green mix, and $10 for 3kgs of the tuscan stone mix (the white mix), I have put some of both on the side wall to see what it looks like, so far I like it. It is only going to be a two room plus an attic cottage I think. I may give this to my granson to play with when finished, and stock it with fishing gear etc.
  16. debra

    Mini things

    Things I have made and things I have collected to make things with, it is amazing what you can make out of stuff that people throw away, or class as junk lol.
  17. debra

    My Beacon Hill

    This is the house that I have always wanted to build, and dearly would love to have it in RL. I will put the pics of my progress as I go, so please sit back and enjoy. If you want to know how I did something just ask, I would be more than happy to help you. Cheers Deb from Australia.
  18. debra

    My Willow

    I started this about 3 years ago, then joined this group, but got busy with RL.
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