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    I am avery craft minded person, I will try my hand at anything, at the moment I am into minis, but I aslo paint in oil and pastels, make things from fimo clay, I sew quilts and shabby cushions and clothes etc. I make jewellery, and also play piano guitar and banjo. I can not sing lol, I would love to be able to, but we cant be able to do everything lol. I like gardening, and being outdoors. I adore my little Jack russell dog Hymie, he is the light of my life as is my son and grandson. My granson is 4 and is so adorable and smart and sweet, but then I would say that lol.


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    Queen of Wallpaper Printies.

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  1. debra


    OMG Linda, I love this hat, where can I buy one from you rofl, wowsers, you really are a master of everything you put your hand to. Cheers Debra.
  2. OMG So did I, It sure sounds like a great idea, I have to go get some craft sticks in the morning, I might take the pointy stick idea with me, to poke meself in the backside everytime I go to put something I dont need in the trolly, (Well who ever heard of things we dont need) Crikey we need it all dont we lol. Cheers Deb.
  3. Lyssa, If you havn't found it already I have many wall paper printables in my gallery. go look, you may find something that will help you. Cheers Deb.
  4. Yes i have a 6 year old elf too, they do love to paint don't they. Cheers Debra.
  5. debra


    Love it, what a great sense of humor lol. Cheers Debra.
  6. debra


    Well Linda, you have excelled yourself again. You accept nothing but perfection, and that is just what this is PERFECT. I love the shabby chic look on and in anything, and the way you have incorporated everything to work together is just amazing, yes the judges are going to have a very hard time choosing a winner again this year, lets hope you can improve on your third from last year, I have my fingers and everything else crossed for you my new friend. I say GO LINDA GO LINDA................yay Cheers Debra.
  7. debra

    10- Bon Voyage

    Its all fabulous, and yes the picture you have used as the backdrop really brings the whole scene alive. very well done. Cheers Debra.
  8. debra

    favorite window spot

    Gee I don't know which pic I like best, this one or the previous one lol. They are both fabulous. He looks like a grand old soul. Cheers. Debra.
  9. debra

    Ray of Sunshine

    What a fabulous picture to have as a great memory of your feline friend. Cheers Debra.
  10. looks fabulous. Love that you can see the real garden through the conservatory, now for the glue remove with a sharp knife. Cheers Debra.
  11. Wow Monica. it is (The window pattern) like one of the sycadelic (SP) things from the 70s it seems to move if you stare at it for a while rofl. CHeers Debra.
  12. debra


    Yes I like this rug better as well.
  13. debra

    Bamboo blinds

    Wow Yes I have some of these waiting to be used as well, in one of my houses, They look fabulous, cant wait now to use mine. Cheers Deb.
  14. debra

    A birds eye veiw

    Thank you Lisa, I had a great time making it as well.
  15. What a fabulous bed. You have done a great job on all your furniture.
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