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    Victorian, Tudor, bungalows, cottages, and themed projects.<br /><br />I do a lot of needlework, costuming, sewing, and so forth. I do make some of my own miniature items. I recently made a mini Christening gown.<br /><br />My interests cover the spectrum. What I don't know I'd like to learn. The never received but oft requested Christmas present is Power Tools! (I did buy myself a cordless drill for my birthday).<br /><br />I'd love to meet with other people into miniatures in my area, but the only group I found online is "closed" to new members!

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  1. hmm, I need at some point to make a trek up to that area to better secure a fixer upper with some boards until the owner gets back in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll see if I can arrange to look at it at the same time. Ordinarily I'd run to the library to check for copies, but the libraries aren't open...
  2. There is a copy of the book about 30-45 minutes away from me and I wondered whether it was a book for beginners or serious hobbyists. I'm not really interested in any more basic resource books at this stage.
  3. these are lovely! I wouldn't mind making a few of them. What was your pattern source? What thread count?
  4. Lynette Smith

    Woolsey's Mining Shack

    Spring Fling 2009 entry. William Anderson Woolsey, my 3g grandfather was a 49'er. I decided to make my house based on a miner's shack. I did lots of research to get the details right, such as the type of mining done during the period he was there. Anderson, as he was called, was 19 or 20 when gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill. He left Missouri and headed west. He had returned to Missouri before his marriage in 1853. I don't know where he was in the goldfields, but one source placed a large number miners from Missouri in the mining community of Fiddletown. When the miners were snowed in,
  5. Several items I have collected over the years are interesting pieces which I haven't encountered before. Some have interesting histories. I thought I would share them.
  6. Lynette Smith

    Mini Barbie

    6 1/4" tall.
  7. Lynette Smith

    Tennyson Rehab 2009

    The Tennyson was acquired in January 2009, for the sum of $20. I purchased it from Jade Garn of Tremonton, Utah. She said she built the house (I failed to ask whether she meant it was built for her, too late now!) Jade is related to former United States Senator and space shuttle passenger Jake Garn (I didn't think to ask if she was named after him, but Jade is only one letter off Jake). The house was very sturdy in its construction, excepting the balcony rails. The house was peach and white when I acquired it. I have been stripping the balcony rails and various trim, which led to me slicing
  8. Lynette Smith

    San Francisco Rehab 2009

    I acquired this house at the end of January. I paid $30. Not all the parts were present and some of the bay sections were glued upside down! After getting it home, I left it out in the below freezing temperatures and went to work at the bay pieces with a hammer to break the glue.
  9. Lynette Smith

    My Barbie Creations!

    Barbies are another of my passions and mine aver very spoiled. I have literally hundreds (and were not talking a hundred and one) of patterns covering the spectrum. These are some of my completed dolls Others are in the works.
  10. Lynette Smith

    Artwork For Dollhouses

    These are paintings which I found might make great artwork for dollhouses. Feel Free to Help Youreslf!
  11. Too many hobbies, not enough time!
  12. Lynette Smith

    The Pierce Rehab

    I purchased an incomplete Pierce kit through Craigs List 3 weeks ago. I am making a record of it's tranformation.
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