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  1. Lady Clarice Therese De Champlain Or something equally long and floofy I like her!
  2. I don't know if this has been posted before. But I was searching on the website where I find good counted cross stitch patterns, and I came across something that might be of interest to some of you: It's a dollhouse cross stitch! If you are at all interestd in the pattern it's located here. When I get the time I may do this one!
  3. That is beautiful!!! I especially love the jam jar!
  4. So I am at work right now, and one of my coworkers just gave me some dollhouse stuff! They are items she made back in the day, a few crocheted rugs, 3 Christmas Stockings and a Christmas tree skirt! I apparently left my camera at home, but I'll post pics later. They're cute!
  5. It's so beautiful! I love it!
  6. It looks great! The Glencroft is one of my absolute favorite houses. When I get a real house and have the room I'm going to have to get one!
  7. I am so curious now... I can't wait to see!
  8. Abunai

    90% done

    I just want to say, I went through every picture, and I love this so much! I am a big fan of those books, and the detail you've put in really rocks my socks!
  9. The charm exchange is done! The toast was a big hit! I ended up just doing the toast and no drink with it. Here is a picture of the finished charms: I like how everyone had such different ideas. It's not the best picture of my toast, the reflection is hiding most of the burn marks... All the other charms were made by the other ladies. And if everyone could send some vibes to my coworker Pat (hers is the one with the checkered ribbon). She wasn't here today because she had a heart attack at about 10 this morning. She is now in the ICU. So any thoughts and prayers are appreciated.
  10. Abunai

    My life in a nutshell

    While I impatiently wait for my BH to arrive, here is a peek into my life and other hobbies! I only have a few pictures for now, to see some of my other work check out my website!
  11. Very nice! I especially love the little scalloped edge on your awning!
  12. So I've been back at it in the BH, and I've been having a blast! Even the siding part... kinda. Over the last two days I finished siding and painting the front of the house, and I've begun work on the front bump out. It got a copper roof yesterday! There are two new pics in my gallery. Ignore all the mess in there!
  13. Abunai

    The Beacon Hill

    House-diary on the construction of my first dollhouse!
  14. A charm exchange is where every person involved makes a charm for a charm bracelet. And since ours has 10 people in it, I need to make 10 charm bracelet charms, and they will all do the same. Then we each have 10 different charms made by everybody else! If you google it, you'll see some examples :lol:
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