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  1. Yep, the topic title made me laugh too! How could you think that we won't want to see your latest creation! You really are very talented. A real inspiration!
  2. You're evil!!! Now, I'm going to have to go back AGAIN, to get another one!!! Would make a great lighthouse keepers cottage!!!
  3. I'm going to go and get the other style as soon as I can! It's a great little kit - great price! I've got the one with the small porch (not the one with the full front porch). I've dry fitted it, and now I'm starting to assemble it and decorate. So far it's going together really well. No wrapping or anything. Takes the paint well, the wood is very smooth, so not many coats or much sanding (thank goodness!). I've decided on a beach-side cottage theme - it's for my 3 year son, so I don't want anything too girly! I'm having a job picking wallpaper though - decisions, decisions!!!
  4. I've had too many 'duh' moments to list!!! Newbie too, it can be frustrating but when it works out it's a real relief!!! Cute baby! I'm guessing that is your daughter? I've got 2 little ones too. I used to do mini-ing at nap time, but my 3 year old doesn't nap anymore (sob, sob) so I have a lot less time for hobbies now. Not fair!!!!!!
  5. Hope you make it to Naples. I live very close to there. While your in Naples don't forget to visit Nancy's Dollhouse Store. Not as large as Ron's but still lots of treasures to be found!
  6. I'm not sure how well known he is in the USA, but the miniature UK artist Philip Hanton died last weekend. He was only 65 years young. He and his wife are friends on my mother's. At the moment I'm not too clear on the cause of death, but it was very unexpected. A sudden heart attack I believe. My thoughts and prayers go out to Gillian (Philip's wife) and her family. Here's a link to a topic about him a few months ago - Miniature Paintings
  7. I've just bought one of these houses and the furniture kit today So excited, about to go and dry fit it to see what it's like. I've decided to build it for my 3 year old son. He loves my dollhouse and is constantly asking to play with it (which he's not allowed to!), so this should satisfy him! I've been warned by hubby though, to not make it too 'girly' for him!!!!!
  8. Yep, I would seal it too. The wood can warp badly, so you don't want all your hard work to be ruined. I use just regular household latex paint to prime, but Kilz-style primers would give you a better base coat if you're going to paint on top. Word of warning... if you are going to stain any areas of the house for a 'wood' look, then don't seal those areas!!! i leaned that the hard way!
  9. Oh wow! Another one to add to my wish list!!! I am desperate to do a Gypsy wagon, I have fond memories of them as a child. Funny story - our window cleaner was a bit of a drunk, and he lost his driving license for drink driving (not so funny). However he lived in an old gypsy wagon, so to get from house to house on his window cleaning rounds, he would 'drive' his wagon, complete with cart horse around the town (no drivers license needed)! It was a sight to see!
  10. Liggysasha

    Mini Creations

    I'm very new to miniature projects but I'm giving it a go! Here's what I've made so far!
  11. Liggysasha

    Annie's McKinley

    I am building a McKinley for my daughter's 1st birthday. It's my first attempt at building a dollhouse! Wish me luck!
  12. Just wanted to add that we now have a website!!!! www.minidelights.webs.com It's currently a work in progress. But we hope to soon add free tutorials and lots of other useful mini info!!!
  13. Liggysasha


    I love your roof. So nice to see it with the different shades of shingles.
  14. The offer is current at the moment. I just order my sink and got the 40% off. It just expires at midnight on April 1st. Maybe Ernie is trying to make it up to us for not doing 50%, by having it run for a few extra days.
  15. Hi Pam and Welcome. Where in south Florida are you? I'm in SW Florida, in Cape Coral, near Ft Myers. To make your albums public. Go to your 'My Albums' page (there's a link at the top of the page). Scroll down and at the bottom on the left hand side there is a menu option for 'Edit Albums' (under 'Controls'). Click that. You should then see a list of your albums. they have little drop-down menus next to them, select 'Edit'. This brings up a new screen. About half way down is a tick-box, tick it to make your albums Public.
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