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  1. That second picture really shows just how huge this house really is.

    I love how the pitch of the roof is different in the back of the house, that will make for better access to the attic rooms.

    I really love the design of this house, I wouldn't be surprised if someone copied your mini design for their real house.

  2. Wow, 6000 bricks? :p

    Any idea how many you have already used?

    Maybe you should start manufacturing them. :p

    It probably wouldn't be too hard if you had a kiln.

    I probably shouldn't make such suggestions, you

    might take it seriously, and then I'm sure you'd

    come up with some of the most unique brickwork

    I've ever seen... Oh wait a minute I think you've

    already done that. I can only imagine what you'd

    come up with if you were designing your own

    bricks too. :p

    Anyway, after that many bricks a kiln might pay off.

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