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  1. Wow, it's really coming together quickly!
  2. I really like the look of this one!
  3. deb's designs

    xmas vig2.jpg

    Great color combination, can't wait to see what you put in this!
  4. Those are GORGEOUS! The detail is so realistic. Great choice Linda.
  5. Nice touch with the bulbs sticking out of the ground! Can't wait to see your flower shop.
  6. Just wanted to let you know that I am praying God will restore your leg completely and that the infection would leave quicker than it came.
  7. Hi Kim! I can already tell you are very creative, great first picture.
  8. Those are great kits, so versatile and easy to work with. I love your carpet design!
  9. deb's designs


    Nice job with the shingles!
  10. This room is sooooooooo inviting!
  11. deb's designs


    I love the style of this house.
  12. deb's designs


    The cascading flowers make it!
  13. deb's designs

    The weedy corner

    Your garden is incredible! When I was little we used to have to pick the weeds that grew between the bricks on our patio <_< , thank goodness for roundup!
  14. deb's designs


    I love your kitchen!
  15. deb's designs


    What a grand bathroom, quite different from your spring fling entry!
  16. I love the grandma with the present, she looks so real!
  17. deb's designs

    7-25-10 029.jpg

    I love this one, it is so unusual and it lights up too!
  18. This house is really HUGE!
  19. Great dining room, especially the chairs!
  20. I love your chair and loveseat!
  21. deb's designs


    Excellent job aging this, and I love the weeds!
  22. deb's designs

    Ah - that's better

    My 14 year old daughter wanted to know if I was looking at a real picture or a mini, she couldn't tell. Making living things look realistic in mini is much harder, your garden is a complete success in decieving the eyes!
  23. That second picture really shows just how huge this house really is. I love how the pitch of the roof is different in the back of the house, that will make for better access to the attic rooms. I really love the design of this house, I wouldn't be surprised if someone copied your mini design for their real house.
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