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  1. deb's designs

    Range hood

    Very nice! I love the colors.
  2. deb's designs

    1st Steps

    You did a great job lining up the bricks. It must have taken hours to cut all those grooves out, but the effect is perfect. Thanks for the tips!
  3. This little building turned out great!
  4. Great job! You can't even tell it opens let alone that there isn't real brick. The whole thing looks about as real as you can get.
  5. deb's designs


    The thatch looks great showing through the timbers!
  6. Thanks, yes I designed them to look like antique Bliss dollhouses, although I took a lot of liberty on the interior. They were a lot of fun to put together!
  7. From the album: Mini Bliss

    I made a bunch of these for a party our girls had. It was made out of one sheet of paper that was folded and glued. These are holding memory verses that the girls in their club are memorizing. I'll make more to use another time and fill them with candy.
  8. deb's designs

    Mini Bliss

    This is a mini Bliss house I created for my daughters' dollhouse.
  9. From the album: Mini Bliss

    Here's the paper house with a mini version I made.
  10. From the album: Mini Bliss

    This is the smallest one I made, just over an inch high. It is to scale and I needed a small house.
  11. Wow, I was admiring her when I realized she is half scale. Nice job!
  12. Love the colonel's expression!
  13. Looks FABULOUS!!! Your craftsmanship is superior.
  14. We never would have known it was half scale if you didn't tell us! Looks fantastic.
  15. What a great idea to leave some of the framing exposed! It will add to the realism of your house and besides it seems a shame to cover up all of it.
  16. I love the little details on the exterior, charming!
  17. I LOVE this little building, it adds a lot to your house.
  18. I love this shot with the exposed ceiling!
  19. This is going to be quite a GRAND room!
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