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  1. This one is my favorite too, but I can't wait to see your starburst.
  2. deb's designs

    side by side

    This is quite the inspiration house and you've got a fantastic handle on it!
  3. I haven't been on here in a while and wanted to see your progress. Your house is really coming along. Hope you get your funding and sell a house or two in Chicago. Your work ought to be published in one of the miniature magazines! It's some of the best I've ever seen.
  4. I love what you've done with the corner cabinets and the sink below the big window. The kitchen is very appealing.
  5. Wow, very nice paneling and the doorway is AWESOME!
  6. WOW! :yikes: This house is fantastic, so creative. Congratulations! :thumb:
  7. You're doing a fantastic job with your Russian theme!
  8. deb's designs


    This is BEAUTIFUL!
  9. Very nice window on the back wall! It looks like old glass.
  10. Your hinges look INCREDIBLE! Great idea to cut them out of paper.
  11. deb's designs

    Cornwall 1

    What a great find, very realistic and unique!
  12. deb's designs


    Wow, they look GREAT!
  13. deb's designs


    This one is GREAT! So much character it really comes to life.
  14. Your work is awesome in any scale! :thumb: The tiny half scale is adorable and it has all the charm and detail of your other houses.
  15. Great choices on your windows and siding! All your details are really adding to the style of this house.
  16. Love the fireplace, especially how you built it in.
  17. Great inspiration house, looks like your off to a good start!
  18. deb's designs

    Formal garden 2

    Great job on your fountain! :thumb:
  19. deb's designs

    Formal garden 3

    The perfect garden for your mansion! I love the lady on the bench, she is superb. Your dolls keep getting better and better.
  20. deb's designs


    Wow, you find the most awesome pieces! I love the portrait on the front of this desk. :thumb:
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