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  1. I'd like to live there, it's so pretty and homey!
  2. Wow, beautifully done!
  3. Holly and Kathie, I think the vinyl press-on letters are what I've seen a few people use on videos and I wanted to try them but I didn't even know what they were called :| Now I know what to look for. Thank you!!
  4. Emily, your window stick-on signs look great. And your bar ... omg! I love the idea of printing on a transparency and covering the whole window so there's no edge. Thanks for sharing it!
  5. Wow, that sounds interesting. I didn't know there even was transparency paper for printers. I just discovered the cricut machines, but not in my budget ... yet, anyway ;) Thanks for these possibilities!
  6. Ooh, Emily, that looks great! The shop names I'm thinking of are more specific than I'm likely to find, but if I can make them on the computer and print them out, gluing the paper to wood and varnishing it sounds perfect. Thanks for the help!
  7. Thanks, Kathie! I'll see what fonts we might have and start experimenting.
  8. Hi everyone! I haven't done any miniature projects for a while, but I'm back at it, working on a 1:48 Greenleaf village, and I am clueless about how to make the shop signs. I love the fancy vintage lettering, but I'm no calligrapher. How do you make your beautiful signs, or can you have them made? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  9. abloom

    French 'shop' arrived

    That looks like a sweet little shop. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it :)
  10. abloom

    Altered interior

    Those skylights are really making me feel like I'm in there watching the stars. Great element!
  11. I love that chippy paint look!
  12. Hi Stacy! I think minis are a great way to indulge your love of interior design. Can't wait to see how your Newberg comes along!
  13. It looks amazing! Nice work.
  14. What a great find! It looks perfect.
  15. abloom

    New room

    He and his room are very charming.
  16. abloom


    She's exquisite! The more I look at her, the more I see in her face.
  17. abloom

    painted clay

    It looks fabulous!
  18. I love how this is coming to life!
  19. abloom


    I can't believe what you created from the brown plastic furniture piece! I'm starting to collect a few things in 1:24 and 1:48 scale, and I haven't liked that some of the most detailed pieces are necessarily plastic or metal. Now that I see what you can do with them, I'm reassured. I love the cardstock panels. The whole thing is just beautiful.
  20. abloom


    I love that old storybook look, and you've achieved it perfectly! This actually reminds me of an old German family bakery we used to go to when I was little. When I saw your interior, I got a flashback of the heavenly bakery smell that enveloped you when you walked in the door. Nothing like home baking; it was like the scent of all the baking bread and pastries and beautiful cookies over the years had permeated the old plaster and was now the essence of the place. (Sigh) :)
  21. Nothing like a lit porch light to bring a place to life! It's a really pretty house. I love the colors.
  22. It's coming along great! Love the wallpaper :)
  23. Perfect! That totally captures the midcentury period. Nice work!
  24. abloom


    Oh, he's sweet!
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