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  1. Hi everyone! I've been reading all the latest dollhouse sitings postings and got excited and wanted to share! Patriot Games w/ Harrison Ford is one of my favorite movies and has a full blown Beacon Hill in it! At the end of the movie when the terrorists are raiding the Ryans' house, there's a quick shot of the mother and daughter tip-toing through the daughter's room and you can see a perfect Beacon Hill in the background. I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw it for the first time, but the rest of my family didn't quite understand what was so surprising! I was also channel surfi
  2. Hi everyone! I just got off from school but just started a summer internship thingy so my mini work is still slightly halted, but I'm building my 1/144 Garfield I got from the April HBS 50% off sale. I'll post pics soon- it should be done within the month. I'm painting it w/ some wicked cool tropical colors. Anyway, my reason for bugging you all is that I'm curious as to the dimensions of the Willowcrest's kitchen. There's this amazing Reutter sink unit that I'm obsessed w/ but it's 6 inches long and I don't know if it'll fit inside the Willowcrest. I don't have the Willowcrest yet but am
  3. Hi everyone! The general excitement concerning the arrival of various HBS packages is contagious- my little 1/144th Garfield arrived a few days ago, although I can't start buildling it until I go home because I need all my paintbrushes and things and must compile supplies- namely paint and glue. What kind of glue do you all suggest using for a 1/144th kit? I use wood glue for 1/12th homes but I'm afraid it would be too bulky for something so small. I was considering QuickGrab but have no experience using anything but wood glue! Best mini wishes!!! -Lauren
  4. Hi Cathy- I'm so excited about your new house- the Willowcrest has always been one of my favorites and I hope to build one some day. Thanks for your great pics- now I actually understand in totality the Willowcrest floorplan!! I could never understand quite where everything was from the photos in catalogues. What color scheme are you planning on? Oh, and I love your cats!! -Lauren
  5. I took like a 2 month break from minis & Ebay while I was taking final exams and studying- then I go on Ebay and see that amazingly wicked Beacon Hill- goodness, I was tempted, but my parents would kill me if I spent that kind of money. I love those 1/144 homes! I just bought the 1/144 Garfield from the 50% off sale and I've never dealt w/ that scale before, so I'm extremely anxious. -Lauren
  6. I bought a 1/144 Garfield kit- my first 1/144 house!! Now I can actually build something at school that won't turn my dorm room into a pigsty. I was thinking about the 1/144 Beacon Hill, but it was backordered. I wish they had a 1/144 version of my Annabelle- that would be a riot sitting inside my 1/12 monster. -Lauren
  7. Hi! I really love your house- that must have taken such a long time to build! I built the Garfield's cousin- the Annabelle, and boy was that a long haul. I love the blue- it's sort of tropical and happy. I just bought the kit for the 1/144 Garfield- I'm so excited! -Lauren
  8. eskimodog4

    house front

    Hi Deb- Wow, I absolutely love your house!! I especially like how you changed the porch roof to be a wrap around balcony and added all the trim. And the colors- the colors! I've always wanted a Lily, and now I just have to make one, too. Das haus ist sehr **ausgezeichnet**!!! -Lauren
  9. Wow- how neat! My mom has a big book on Lincoln and in it is a photo of Lincoln and all his supporters standing in front of that very house- I recognized it instantly. I think they were celebrating his winning the presidential election. -Lauren
  10. Hi Dagmar- welcome to the forum! I absolutely love your stuff- the house and conservatory are superduper!!! The fairy in your house is so cute! I'm excited to see your haunted travel trailer- I understand your interest in unconventional projects- I'm just wrapping up a 4 yr. house project and now have the itch to do something just plain wacky. -Lauren
  11. Hi Debbie- have you seen Tracy's (My Mini Shop) version of the Glencroft? It sold on Ebay awhile ago- completely smashing. She used paperclay for stonework instead of stucco and didn't use all of the exterior trim. It looks spectacular!!!!! -Lauren
  12. Hi guys! I have recently become obsessed w/ Bespaq's "Locust Hill" living room set. I've told myself time and time again that I can never splurge on Bespaq b/c it's just crazy, but I'm going to start a "Locust Hill" fund that I'll add five bucks to every now and then- starting today!! It's got a walnut finish w/ a blue/gold striped fabric (my *favorite* color combination- go bruins!). What do you think- does this look like it belongs in the Beacon Hill, Willowcrest, or Duracraft's Cambridge? (wishful thinking- I only have the Cambridge kit currently)
  13. Hi Debbie!! Wow, I'm so jealous- you've compiled an assortment of completely amazing homes! I'm a big Greenleaf fan, too, and have built the Diana and Annabelle, and I also have a DuraCraft Cambridge stashed underneath my bed. That's so wonderful you're building for your granddaughter- my grandmother gave me a miniature house when I was 9 (she was bit by the miniature bug as well) and little did she know then that she had created a little miniature monster!! -Lauren
  14. Welcome, shalean!! I'm so excited- another Beacon Hill to see! That house is on my wishlist and I hope to build it in the future- what a beautiful home! -Lauren
  15. Hi Laura- welcome! I absolutely love the Alexandria- I can't wait to see pics of the construction process! Everybody has already given some great lists for tools and things, so I'll put in my 2 cents w/ a small amt. of things I really couldn't build without- 1. Elmer's Wood Glue- bonds stronger than wood itself. Gives football player-like strength to the walls of your house- I wouldn't use anything else! 2. heavy duty craft knife (get the blade type for cutting through wood- long square w/ 1 angled side. It's good to invest $8 or so in 1 really good knife. 3. hot glue gun- for extreme
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