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    I am a life long learner so my computer is a major interest because I can find many new and interesting things to learn about. I love computer games...online I mostly play at Pogo.com and offline I like hidden picture games...a throw back to the Highlight Magazine years. I like to read, watch movies, and enjoy the ocean and the mountains.<br /><br />I've done sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, ceramics, HO scale railroad, made jewelry, polished rocks, macreme, oil painting, counted cross stitch, bead work, and probably a few more things that I can't remember right now...lol<br /><br />Though I have no dollhouse building experience I have two kits on the way and can tell I am already thoroughly addicted.

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  1. Love the kit, love the possibilities, and love the Luck of the Draw option to win. So many ideas flinging around in the brain and I agree with past posts...I hope the idea in my brain can work through to my hands and make the idea into a reality. Thank you Dean and Co. for a grand kit for Flinging!!!!!
  2. Bummer!!!!! I was so sure last night when I went to bed that the albumn would be open now. The site was down so I figured you all were deep into eye-candy and crashed the site Oh well, I'll keep checking back. Love the names everyone's coming up with...too funny
  3. Although I also could have used more time (most likely for me it would be more time to procrastinate ;) ) and submit more pictures (I don't think the judges could see the anatomy pictures on my walls)...I think it helped the judges because there were fewer entries and less pictures to look at and say, "Oh did you see this?"
  4. Alright, who was it that was making a time machine???? Better get a hussle on it we might need it for the resurection ceremony
  5. My luck they'll come up with a "Fall Fling" or a "Winter Wonderland" or something clever.
  6. 1/2 scale would be great due to having the room issue but now I can use items from other displays...I'd have to buy all new people and items...I'm sure HBS wouldn't mind but my pocket book sure would
  7. eglefther


    Yes. They are from a skeleton garland. They are 6" and came 8 on a string. They don't bend at the knees or elbows...well not willingly at least:D but they were just the right size. Just googled and found them online;)
  8. eglefther


    The blue is Valspar's Cosmic Blue and then aged with DecoArt Ebony Gel Stain. I used that gel stain a lot on ceramics. I'll have to take more pictures of my fling cause that is what I used on the shingles too. I loved that it gave a varigated effect rather than a complete coat like paint would and because its a gel it doesn't run like most stains. I did the roof of a 1/2 scale lightkeeper's cottage the roof and exterior of the Spring Fling and I still have some left in the 2 ox. bottle. I found it online for a little over a dollar. Great product!!!!!
  9. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Hopefully this will take care of the problem.
  10. A little Flinged out right now but I have a 1/2 scale lighthouse and the HBS contest in the works. Need to figure out where I'm gonna put the Spring Fling building so I have room to work on the other two. Until I get "unflinged" I need to do some much neglected house cleaning and reorganizing of my many mini items.
  11. Animal lover here too. I have two dogs...both have curled tails so no smacking of dollhouses or clearing off coffee tables. I've had labs and they could clear off a coffee table faster than I could. My chow is very cat like so I feel like I have a 45 pound cat :laughbounce:
  12. Wow, a lot of interesting eye candy. I am learning to put aside my perfectionism because it does not go well with my procrastination. I should have put more emphasis on the landscape but as usual time did not permit it. Life just has this way of messing up all my plans. I look forward to browsing the rest of the eye candy I'm sure I've missed a lot of them.
  13. eglefther

    Spring Fling 2010

    Dem Bones Mortuary...a little twist on a grim subject
  14. Congrats everyone. Though we were all winners I had my favorites and I can see I wasn't alone...lol WTG EVERYONE! I had so much fun and the deadline pushed me to complete my first house so I'm especially proud of my accomplishments. What a great community. Thank you Greenleaf and especially the judges...you had a job I wouldn't want for any amount of money in the world. You did awesome...love the choices.
  15. I'm hoping...on second thought...lets make that a resounding NO. The Spring Fling was my first completed house and I have eleven others either in boxes or partial state of completion.
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