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    I am a life long learner so my computer is a major interest because I can find many new and interesting things to learn about. I love computer games...online I mostly play at Pogo.com and offline I like hidden picture games...a throw back to the Highlight Magazine years. I like to read, watch movies, and enjoy the ocean and the mountains.<br /><br />I've done sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, ceramics, HO scale railroad, made jewelry, polished rocks, macreme, oil painting, counted cross stitch, bead work, and probably a few more things that I can't remember right now...lol<br /><br />Though I have no dollhouse building experience I have two kits on the way and can tell I am already thoroughly addicted.

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  1. eglefther


    Yes. They are from a skeleton garland. They are 6" and came 8 on a string. They don't bend at the knees or elbows...well not willingly at least:D but they were just the right size. Just googled and found them online;)
  2. eglefther


    The blue is Valspar's Cosmic Blue and then aged with DecoArt Ebony Gel Stain. I used that gel stain a lot on ceramics. I'll have to take more pictures of my fling cause that is what I used on the shingles too. I loved that it gave a varigated effect rather than a complete coat like paint would and because its a gel it doesn't run like most stains. I did the roof of a 1/2 scale lightkeeper's cottage the roof and exterior of the Spring Fling and I still have some left in the 2 ox. bottle. I found it online for a little over a dollar. Great product!!!!!
  3. eglefther

    Spring Fling 2010

    Dem Bones Mortuary...a little twist on a grim subject
  4. eglefther


    That's funny...of course there is a mouse problem. My mice are outside under the grain bin.
  5. Very well done. I see something different everytime I look at your gallery. I'm very impressed and a little (okay so a lot) green :lol:
  6. eglefther

    Spring Fling

    I am pleased to present my very first completed miniature...The Red Door Flour Mill in a state of remodeling.
  7. eglefther

    Manor House Grab Bags

    For those interested in grab bags I got four of them and here they are.
  8. eglefther

    Miscellaneous Pics

    Pictures that don't fit anywhere else.
  9. eglefther

    Michael's Hutches

    Bashed and unbashed hutches.
  10. My furbabies, computer, Mt. Dew. Those come of course after friends and family...well friends and family might come after furbabies :yes: but otherwise in that order.
  11. eglefther

    My Pets

    Dakota is a Black Chow. Nannuk is an American Eskimo.
  12. Congrats on your house!!!!! Your excitement is contagious. I feel like a little kid at Christmas when I get a new house.
  13. Ellen - the best advice has already been given and that is, DO NOT PANIC. I bought the Garfield and while I was waiting I read the blogs and forums and because this is my dream house I decided to order the Coventry Cottage and start on something smaller. After working on the Coventry I see I really didn't need to have started with it I could have jumped right into the Garfield but oh well now I have two houses...okay I have a total of four and two of Ernies's buses...lol One thing you will find it that they mysteriously tend to multiply :xmas_tree: Above all, take your time and have
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