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    I love minis! I love everything about them, but mostly I love building dollhouses, custom dressing furniture, and designing new things in almost every scale. You can see all my mini work (oodles of eye candy) at http://www.debsminis.com


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About Me

My name is Deb and I'm an avid miniaturist. I've been called an artisan and tho I consider that to be more of a goal than a description, if being an artisan means that the need to create is stronger in me than the need to eat, sleep and breathe, then maybe I am one.

Before I became obsessed with miniatures, I was a textile artist. My textile arts went under the name "Quilt Trips" and there's a reason that I mentioned it. One of the reviews I received about my work said something about "Quilt Trips is an artistic journey that comes to a beautiful and emotional destination". The reason I liked that description is because it sums up how I feel about creating. For me, it's all about the journey. Whether the destination turns out to be beautiful or grittily realistic, it's always the journey......the creating.......that puts the soul into the end result. My trips don't always take me to a beautiful ending. Sometimes the destination is a harsh depiction of real life and sometimes it's a fantasy world, but regardless of the ending, I always love the trip.

Along the way, I discovered a lot of different detours and took the side trips when they called to me. I found that I could combine the textile arts with miniatures and began making miniature dressed beds and furniture. But my primary passion in the miniature world is building. Even more then collecting or decorating, I love to build.

Pictures of most of my work are in my galleries here on the Greenleaf forum. If you'd like to see additional pictures of my miniatures and textile arts, you can visit my site, http://www.debsminis.com If you subscribe to the Greenleaf Gazette, you can catch me there every month since I'm the editor of the newsletter.

I hope that your creative journey is as delightful as mine has been. Never hesitate to take the first step and always take the side roads when you see them.


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