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  1. What a lovely shade of lavender!!! A great color combo you have there!!!!
  2. Brooke Tucker's Golden Christmas is fabulous! Extremely detailed, instructions are very easy to follow and the photos are magnificent. Brooke put a lot of work into her roomboxes and it shows. Unfortunately, the book is not available in stores anymore. I bought a used copy through Amazon. It was three times the original price that it went for back in the early 90's but well worth the money. Lynne
  3. Hi Wolfie. I bought the dining room kit a few months back at my local miniatures store. My guess is that it had been there for quite a while because the stain and varnish were all dried up. The furniture was pretty easy to put together (had to be careful because the wood broke very easily) and I liked the results (check out my Christmas Shoppe photos and you'll see the finished product). Lynne
  4. Fabulous work! What did you make the plate out of or is it store-bought? Lynne
  5. Absolutely! We all should have such carefree lives! :o)
  6. LynnieEP

    Man's Best Friends

    My cousin's "children." Guess who the bad one is!
  7. It's sooooo cute! I especially love the flooring! Lynne
  8. LynnieEP

    Ira's Christmas Shoppe

    I am creating a Christmas Shoppe in memory of my grandfather who loved Christmas as much as I do if not more!
  9. Thank you Kelly! It was definitely a labor of love...last minute and all! Lynne
  10. I used "Fast 'N Final" spackle and mixed it with ultra-fine glitter. The roof is Aleene's Snow Glitter but since I needed a lot more and at $3.29 for a 1 ounce jar, I got some tips from the forum about the spackle and went with that. It works really nice and you can mold it very easily. Also, it dries pretty quickly and doesn't crack. I used a putty knife for that "slide down the walkway and snow drift" effect. Lynne
  11. Whoa, thanks for the warning KathieB! Maybe I better skip the bulb extractor idea. :lol: Lynne
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