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  1. What a lovely shade of lavender!!! A great color combo you have there!!!!
  2. I'm interested. I'll be there all day Friday and Saturday. Lynne
  3. That's a good idea -- I'll try it on a scrap. The glue isn't thick...it's the consistency of regular pre-pasted wallpaper glue. Thanks much for your suggestion! Lynne
  4. Hi everyone. Okay, I have a front opening dollhouse to complete. The customer gave me wallpaper that she had purchased in England, along with "Blue Riband" wallpaper glue. The problem is there are no instructions on how to apply the glue. Has anyone ever heard this name before or perhaps familiar with this type of glue? I've Googled the name but came up with nothing useful. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!! Lynnie
  5. Hi all! Lynnie here! Just wondering if you are still planning to go to the Philly show which is actually right around the corner. I'll be there all day Friday for a workshop and then the evening preview, all day Saturday and maybe Sunday if I have any money left. If you're going to meet at the lounge I'd love to meet up with you! Lynnie
  6. Luanne: I have the poly roller that I purchased from Michael's. It was $7.99 so I used a 40% off coupon to get it. I've gotten to the point that I use the coupons for big ticket items. I got my pasta machine for $15.00 using a coupon. $7.99 isn't a lot of money but it is when you are buying a bunch of other mini stuff like I ALWAYS do! It's important to have the right tools working with polymer clay so invested in a few good ones like a tissue blade, a stylus with two different sized balls on either end. I also recently found two rulers used for polymer clay: one has the exact measurements for a blocks of clay so that you don't waste any, and the other has circular measurements for clay from 1" down to 1/8". They are really cool! When you really start getting into making desserts you can purchase clay cutters (the exact name is Kemper Cutters) which you can buy from www.polymerclayexpress.com. They have cutters for leafs, heart shapes, yadda yadda. They are really neat. I can't say enough about the Poly Roller. It's a great tool to have! I brush it with cornstarch before using it and I never have any problems with clay sticking to it. Lynne
  7. I've recently ventured into polymer clay myself and have been making desserts. I purchased TLS and the other liquid Sculpey that is used for glazing I think. With the TLS I'm using it to mix with clay to make cake frosting. It takes a little bit of "elbow grease" to mix it up but the results are wonderful. The other liquid Sculpey I used to glaze cookies and a chocolate cake. Have fun with it! Lynne
  8. Brooke Tucker's Golden Christmas is fabulous! Extremely detailed, instructions are very easy to follow and the photos are magnificent. Brooke put a lot of work into her roomboxes and it shows. Unfortunately, the book is not available in stores anymore. I bought a used copy through Amazon. It was three times the original price that it went for back in the early 90's but well worth the money. Lynne
  9. Hi Roxxie: I've used my X-acto knife to cut foam core board. Just make sure you have a fresh blade. I used a piece of foam core board to fill in the attic opening of the Pierce and it worked just fine. Good luck with that! Lynne
  10. First State Mini Club of Delaware presents its 32nd Annual Miniature Show and Sale, Plus Miniature Exhibits Sunday March 29, 2009 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Holiday Inn Select 630 Naamans Road Claymont, Delaware Admission - Adults $5.00 Children under 12 - $2.50 Adult or Senior Citizen with ad - $4.50 Partial proceeds will go to charity No strollers Please!!! Hotel information only: 302-792-2700 Exhibit Information: 302-654-8276 For more information: 610-347-2255 or visit http://www.firststateminiclub.org/
  11. Hi Wolfie. I bought the dining room kit a few months back at my local miniatures store. My guess is that it had been there for quite a while because the stain and varnish were all dried up. The furniture was pretty easy to put together (had to be careful because the wood broke very easily) and I liked the results (check out my Christmas Shoppe photos and you'll see the finished product). Lynne
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