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  1. lyndabuildshouses


    I love your Newberg. I bid on one from Ebay. Hope I win!
  2. I have one still in the box. I have to create the base for it. Good luck on your find!
  3. lyndabuildshouses

    Duracraft CRESTVIEW

    Crestview Shell- I love this house. I plan on siding and electrifying it. It has a loooong way to go though.
  4. Mr and Mrs. Bears Summer Getaway Cottage.
  5. Beautiful farmhouse no longer manufactured by Duracraft.
  6. Photos of pre-built Duracraft Bellingham Farmhouse to finished project.
  7. lyndabuildshouses

    Bellingham Farmhouse

    I bought this beauty already prebuilt, I just painted, shingled and added the trim and Voila'.
  8. I love your Bellingham! I just bought a pre-assembled one the other day. I've already primed it and I'm starting the shingles. Lynda
  9. Great room! Love the wallpaper! where did you get it? thanks, Lynda
  10. Exquisite!!! What a beautiful livingroom!! Lynda
  11. lyndabuildshouses

    Duracraft Ashley

    I finished this kit in a couple nights. The interior still has to be done. I added flowerboxes and flowers.
  12. lyndabuildshouses

    The Jefferson

    I found this Jefferson for $25. I love it. I'm restoring it slowly and fixing up the interior. I sold this after painting it yellow this month.
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