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    I love making people happy and I love the Lord. I'm having lots of fun building dollhouses. So far I have done the RGT Princess Anne - then tore it apart, added on, repainted and now it's prettier. My mother-in-law saw it and wanted a dollhouse so I built the her a house. Then I built the Allison Jr. and gave it to my granddaughters. Then my co-worker wanted her's built so I built her Duracraft house (Augh!). In the meantime, I bought a completed San Franciscan which wasn't put together right and is still in storage as a future project. I built the RGT's Bostonian and what a project that was - I'm selling it for charity. I'm having fun just like the rest of you!

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  1. I ended up painting the house a pretty yellow with darkest navy blue and white trim - and rust accents. I'm a nautical buff and it just reminds me of some of the houses around the ocean. Has anyone tried to bash the PL? I bought the prettiest kitchen cabinets on ebay and went to try them out in the house. Augggh!!!! They don't all fit. My friend had the idea of adding on the kitchen with a roombox kit I have already and maybe doing the roof like a deck. The roombox kit is too wide for the clapboard I already have (only 12") and I don't have the power tools to work with it like I want to.
  2. Congrats!!!! Great find. Where do you live? (JK) I'm very happy for you!
  3. BTW Sherry, I love your houses! They are really beautiful!
  4. I just opened my box and started laying out the parts! B) We're on the same page, quite literally! I chose shades of the beach - a couple of blues, tan, white, and dark brown if I need it. I painted the house on a sheet of copy paper with the actual colors. Yeah, I don't know... I like more contrast... I think the house will be pretty in whatever colors are chosen. We'll have to compare notes! I've done a lot of houses in different colors, but I always go back to greens and blues. This time I wanted to do something different. My bostonian was in shades of aqua with white trim and it turne
  5. The Bostonian is worth the work. It's an absolutely gorgeous house when it's done. I worked on mine off and on for almost 2 years! It has a lot of bash potential too! Have fun!! Thanks so much for your input. I still don't know what I'm going to do. I may start it and see that it's not as much work as I thought it would be.... or maybe more than I want. I would love to buy a kit and start it over. It really is a pretty house design. Then again the BH is fabulous... :lol: And the DC Bellingham is a pretty house... We'll see... Thanks again!!
  6. I sure wish I had the room! The kit would be beautiful.
  7. I'm with you! I have more fun finishing and then decorating the outside. I give mine away so I always have room for the next project :-) I have a teeny-tiny (real) house - a 1914 craftsman bungalow with only 750 s.f. and no garage. I have plenty of furniture for the house I finally keep as I have collected it for so many years. I just placed my Bostonian in a dollhouse shop on consignment and I had it completely finished and furnished. The money goes for charity. I already have a San Franciscan refurb on my dining room table! LOL MY dollhouse that I keep - is either going to be the Beacon H
  8. I just refurbed a duracraft house for a co-worker's daughter and I did have fun. It was in better shape than the SF though. Thanks for your opinions, I appreciate it. Don't yet know what I'm going to do, but how do I sell to someone on the forums? I've been coming on greenleaf for 2 years and I've not run into any place that I can go to sell/trade to anyone. Please, do tell!
  9. Last year I bought a Duracraft San Franciscan for only $25 on the KC, MO craigslist site. My husband and I travelled 3 hours (1 way) to get it. The photo made it look like a good house, but when we got there it was a seriously poor build job by someone who obviously didn't care. To be fair, it could have been built by someone with a deadline... In any case, I put it in storage cuz I was finishing up another huge build. Now that I'm done with my project, I pulled it out and really started looking at it. They did a good job on the windows, but they are now yellowed and in need of new plastic.
  10. I'd love to share them with you! I just posted a few of my houses and roobox pics. Hope you like them! I like the Bostonian too, and frankly it's my best work. These photos are from last year when it was in process. It's about 95% done now and everything looks better. I made it more of a nautical house, since I love the ocean so much. The little boy's room has a border of Finding Nemo (printed on my printer - each frame found online and pasted onto a Word doc - then made the same size and printed them out). I think it turned out cute. My favorite room in the entire house is the kitchen. It's
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