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    organic gardening, chicken keeping, scrapbooking & restoring my childhood "harrison" & working on my new Willowcrest kit


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    Making minis for Make-a-Wish

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  1. What a lovely scene! Just beatiful! Your unique garden bistro is one of my favorite mini set-ups EVER!
  2. KellyFG

    Yul Brynner

    he's so handsome, I love him!
  3. KellyFG

    The PAlace Dancer 2

    it is amazing to me that you created this beauty....you are SO TALENTED all of your dolls have life. I just love her & I hope you end up building a palace for all of them, I'd love to see it!
  4. Bre-its not a foxhall manor. I think its a Walmer but I haven't been able to ID it for sure.
  5. KellyFG


    I LOVE IT!!!!!!
  6. KellyFG

    my big beauty

    I bought this house for $75 from a lady moving out of state. It is 4ft long and most of the rooms are over 15" deep.
  7. KellyFG


    it is delightful! so much too look at...I just love all the details. What a beautiful little house.
  8. :monkeydance: Wow all the DHs were nice, but that movie was CREEPY!!!! I think they were all RTG, I saw an "Alice's Homeplace" which I have. Sorry if this was dicussed already, I tried searching but couldn't find anything.
  9. KellyFG


    this is such a sweet, heartfelt gift!!! I would be overjoyed to receive something like this!!
  10. KellyFG

    Formal garden 3

    this is magnificent!!!!! Your work is amazing! I want to play with Harriet and her dogs!
  11. YIPPPEEEEE!!! I got an email saying my order shipped!!!! Ok its a happy ending!
  12. I have a few things still hanging in the poor pierce, I will try the vinegar trick! I think the deer should go back in the house or gift shop somewhere
  13. As of this morning, there is no update. I forwarded the paypal email to Harry, as per his request and I'm waiting for the resolution. The things I ordered are mostly components that I sure would have liked to have this weekend when I will actually have some time to mini.
  14. I was in Michaels today & they have a big assortment of winter trees that go with thier village....I think they can work but since I didn't have a coupon I decided to ask here first before buying Any pics?
  15. UPDATE!!!!! Harry replied via email, was very apologetic & admits they are having major paypal issues. I forwarded him the email paypal sent me so hopefully it will all get worked out today! Thanks for all the support, I will keep you posted!
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