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  1. pjnick54

    Mercantile 01.jpg

    Thank you Joane and Roxy! I posted pics in the topic/thread showing what it looked like before I started if you'd like to see 'before' pics.
  2. pjnick54

    Mercantile 01.jpg

    Wow - thank you for all the kind words. I just got hooked on minis in 2008 but I am making the most of every miniute with them now. If I can inspire even one person - that makes it even better!
  3. pjnick54

    Mercantile 01.jpg

    Thank you - it was a great way to use up a lot of stuff I'd accumulated.
  4. pjnick54

    Mercantile 05.jpg

    Thank you! I had SO MUCH fun with this.
  5. pjnick54

    Missouri Mercantile

    Packed to the brim you can find almost anything you want in this old store.
  6. pjnick54

    Building a Snowman

    This little scene is entirely made of clay - all except the bag the carrots are in.
  7. pjnick54

    Travis 1.jpg

    Thank you - I have lots of fun with it too. The Winter scene I am working on is entirely made with clay.
  8. pjnick54

    Travis 9.jpg

    Oh good - I was hoping they would show up. Thank you!
  9. pjnick54

    Winter Scene

    Here's Travis, my newest doll sculpt. He's entirely made from clay - clothes and all.
  10. Yep, it's all clay - it's what I do best. That's why the dolls I make are clay too - even their clothes and such. I can't see me working with wood or fabric unless it's building a roombox, or making little placemats for a food display. Not too handy with stuff like that. :no: But clay - ah, give me a hunk and let me play! Thank you for the kind words - I'll be making a stove to match the fridge soon too.
  11. Just started making 1/4 scale items with clay even though I never thought I'd be doing anything in this scale...
  12. pjnick54

    Diner 39.JPG

    Thank you Lucille - you're so sweet! You could see this in person depending on what part of Canada you live in. It will be on exhibit at the Big Sky Mini Show in Montana in June 2011.
  13. pjnick54

    Diner 27.JPG

    Thank you - and that's what I had for lunch today!
  14. Thank you -- that's so sweet of you to take the time to tell me you enjoy it!
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