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  1. 8th Annual Miniatures in the Wine Country Saturday, June 22, 2019 Dealers and Dollhouse Enthusiast Selling: Dollhouses – Furniture, Miniature Accessories Electrical, Lighting and More 2 shows at 2 locations less than 2 miles apart LODI MOOSE LODGE 9am to 3pm 3824 Woodbridge Road E. Acampo, Ca. 95220 LODI ELKS LODGE 10am to 5pm 19071 N. Lower Sacramento Road, Woodbridge, Ca. 95258 Over 90 tables of Miniatures and over 40 room boxes and dollhouses!!
  2. This house is the Fantasy Island dollhouse kit that was based on the popular TV show Fantasy Island. My dad built it for me around 1979. I have not seen the kit anywhere but I did find it mentioned in "The Miniature Catalog" 2nd edition from the late 70's. It took me years to find any information on this house. I have never finished the outside but might start when I finish my other projects.
  3. lflint

    Beacon Hill by Greenleaf

    I found this house at a second hand store for $15.00. Has electricity and a lot of detail...they obviously didn't know what they had! Thier loss is my gain!
  4. lflint

    Front Opening Georgian

    Building a Front Opening Georgian by Real Good toys
  5. see link below, check out the basement for Grosvenor hall. http://www.dollshouse.com/dhe/search.aspx?...=grosvenor+hall Thanks for the link I have the basement in addition to the house. It's impressively enormous! The whole kit came in 7 boxes from England. shipping was 300.00 but worth it. They had my 7 boxes at my house within 48 hours of when I purchased it!
  6. Are you interested in selling any of the mercantile kits or grosvenor hall?? I
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