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  1. 8th Annual Miniatures in the Wine Country Saturday, June 22, 2019 Dealers and Dollhouse Enthusiast Selling: Dollhouses – Furniture, Miniature Accessories Electrical, Lighting and More 2 shows at 2 locations less than 2 miles apart LODI MOOSE LODGE 9am to 3pm 3824 Woodbridge Road E. Acampo, Ca. 95220 LODI ELKS LODGE 10am to 5pm 19071 N. Lower Sacramento Road, Woodbridge, Ca. 95258 Over 90 tables of Miniatures and over 40 room boxes and dollhouses!!
  2. https://community.ebay.com/t5/Archive-Dollhouses-Miniatures/Cape-Cod-Dollhouse/td-p/1250557 Read this post.. This person said SWCrafts was his families business. I have the Fantasy Island House by this company. If you google SW Crafts dollhouses, you will find some information. I found 1site that says Lombard Illinois.. Hope this helps..
  3. We can't wait to tell everyone the AWESOME news!! The former Stockton Miniature Show has had to change locations due to the hall closing.. We have moved to the Lodi Wine Country and this will be our best show EVER! 7th Annual Miniatures in the Wine Country Formerly the Stockton Miniature Show 2 Shows at Once!! There are so many tables that there will be 2 shows at 2 locations to accommodate all the miniatures. There will be more miniatures than you ever could imagine! PLUS, over 40 room boxes and dollhouses!
  4. Hi there.. The Scottish Rite is exactly 3.2 miles from Amtrak. There is public transit, taxi's, Uber, which ever you choose. If you choose to take the bus, the drop off is on Pacific avenue at Stadium Drive. The hall is at the end of Stadium drive, maybe a 3 minute walk. A taxi or Uber is more convenient : ) Hope this helps. Also, I will be posting dealers on the site this week : ) Leslie
  5. Miniatures on the Waterfront presents the 6th Annual Stockton Miniature Show Dealers and Dollhouse Enthusiast Selling Dollhouses, Furniture Miniatures and Accessories Saturday, June 03, 2017 10:00am to 4:00pm Stockton Scottish Rite Hall 33 W. Alpine Avenue Stockton, CA 95204 $6.00 at the door - $3.00 children 12 and under For more information and to pre-register as a vendor call Leslie Flint - 209-406-1206 miniatureswaterfront@aol.com www.miniaturesonthewaterfront.com
  6. http://www.jennifersprintables.com/woodandbrick.html
  7. I was always told to never use hot wood glue on a dollhouse, even for shingles. Owner of Bearly Big Enough advised me that she had a customer use the hot glue and with the weather change, her shingles were popping off. Has anyone ever had that problem?
  8. After looking at the web site, it looks like it is probably 12volt...wish me luck!
  9. Not sure if the wiring works...that's why I want to get feedback before I ruin something :thumb: All of the wires are there but no transformer so I don't know if it's 12 volt, maybe I need to do a little more research on the company first to make sure. The light looks like it's 12volt but not sure. Do you think it's safe to attach my 12 volt transformer and do what you advised, what would happen if it's not 12 volt...again, I know nothing about hard wiring.? The wiring has the double prongs attached at the end to attach to a transformer but just don't know what type. The transformer that
  10. Actually, it did come with 1 light but the light was damaged so I can't use it. I attached a picture of the posts on the light, they are just 2 very small thin wires, nothing stiff like the current miniature light plugs.
  11. Has anyone ever heard of a company called the Mini Electrifier? The company is no longer in business but I am hoping that someone if familiar with their products...the web site is still up but does say it's out of business. http://web.mac.com/dvanreenen/Miniature_Lighting_Components/Welcome.html Bought a Beacon Hill for a STEAL (pictures are in my album) and it was hard wired with products from a company called The Mini Electrifier. It came with no lights and I have been trying to come up with a way to light this house without tearing out the wallpaper, etc. I am thinking that MAYBE,
  12. I was recently at Huntley House Miniatures in Riverbank, CA and he was advising someone how to do it but I didn't pay that much attention. E-mail or call him, I am sure he would be happy to help! http://www.huntleyminiatures.com/
  13. lflint


    Interesting that I was never notified about your post...so long ago. Curious, did you get the house? I was not selling my house on ebay and was happy to know that someone out there has the same house. If you won the bid, send me pics so i can see your wonderful find!! Leslie
  14. lflint

    Beacon Hill front

    I found it at a cancer society second hand store. I am thinking that this is a case of someone passing on and a family member giving it away. It is on a turn table and whom ever took it apart did not care about it. They cut the wiring underneath the house to remove it from the base and ripped it off the turntable. It has some damage just because of the way they took it apart. I am fortunate to have a miniature shop nearby that can assist me in repairing it since I don't know much about hard wiring. They took a lot of time with this house, there are 10 switches on the side of the house to
  15. Thanks for all the input! The house was never painted when my dad built it in the 70's. It came with a miniature Tatoo that I no longer have. I will start finishing it as soon as I finish my georgian but can't wait to see it finally finished! I have to tell you that the "family on the roof" was previously naked because I had not had a chance to put clothes on them to put them in my houses. My niece asked me if it was supposed to be a bordello house so I put clothes on them right away : ) It's 1 lady and 3 men....
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