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  1. I have not been on here for a very long time as I decided this is the year (I turned 49) to work on becoming the healthiest I can become. I have joined a weight management program at the hospital where I work (a year long program) and now am going to the gym at least 5 times a week and feeling great doing it. I have taken care of a couple of health issues that I wanted to take care of and everything turned out perfect. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to devote to dollhousing anymore and would like to make my dollhouse room into a workout room now. I will be selling all my dollhouses and supplies on ebay soon and wanted to let everyone know in case they are interested. I should have items added to Ebay by the end of the week and will let everyone know when. The houses I have available are going to be Primrose (NIB) Sierra Log Cabin Kit (NIB) Laurel (NIB) Victorian Cottage Jr. (NIB) The Ashley (I bought this off ebay years ago and have never opened the box to make sure everything is there for sure but I believe it is) The Tennyson (never been opened, this is the old one) Corona Concepts Miniature Village (NIB) If any of you are interested in any of these, let me know and I am sure we can work out something before putting on Ebay. I am selling all my furniture, lights, wallpapers, Crysnbon kits, shingles, etc. I will be selling these in lots if possible, whatever I can fit into one postal box. I will let you all know when the items on listed. This is a great forum and helped me alot whenever I needed it.
  2. My prayers for a speedy recovery and best wishes in quitting smoking. I know you can do it as many of us on here have done it as well. It will be 3 years for me and we are sure going to celebrate in 3 years for you!!!!!
  3. She is beautiful. I am in the process of looking for a new kitten. I would like one that is just old enough to leave her mom. On March 11, I had to put my beautiful 14 year old Silky Terrier, Sparky to sleep. He had been suffering with severe hip dysplasia, allergies and enlarged heart but medication was keeping most of it under control but then he got Canine Cognitive Disorder (alzheimer's) and it got really bad in just a short time and then pain meds didn't seem to work much so I finally had to make the decision when he was having more bad days than good. I am still heart broken but he is now resting on my mantle and I am in the process of making a memorial cross stitch for him. I have 2 cats and do not want another dog as we do like to travel and it is easier to go away for 3 day weekends with cats since you can leave them alone for a few days so steadily looking for a kitten now. I am sure I will find one when the time is right.
  4. Congratulations!!! That is great news. I hope everything goes well for the next few months. After that, you will have little time for any mining, only PIP.
  5. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is the hardest thing I have gone through so I know it is tough. As you stated, this holiday will now be forever changed but remember that your Dad would want you to be happy during the joyous seasons in the coming years and remember him with joy for all the happy memories I am sure you share with your family.
  6. Wow, Bea. I had lived right outside Aiken up until 5 years ago and my son still lives in Warrenville and I cannot imagine that the animal shelter is that stupid. I had visited there several times and it seemed to me they could always use the help. I have the Alexandria that I hope to finish this year and I really hope the animal organization in Savannah takes it as a donation because I really do not want it and would rather it go for a good cause.
  7. We went shopping this afternoon around 1 and it really was quite pleasant. Never had to wait in line more than 2 minutes. Went to HH Gregg found our step-daughter a 32 inch lcd with dvd for 300 bucks, then came home and purchased the roku box so she can watch her netflix. She is going to be in heaven. Her 20th birthday is also Wednesday so we figured she wouldn't be home much longer and she would have a nice tv to take with her to start out. Purchased Bill a new IPOD 16G nano this morning through apple, they were on sale plus you get free engraving and free shipping so he is done except for stocking stuffers. Purchase a new gun for son so only have his Christmas gift to buy, birthday is 12-23. Purchased all gift certificates and am sending them home so my sister can pass them out at Christmas.
  8. There will be 8 of us. Me, Bill, my son, Bill's daughter and her boyfriend and Bill's mom, sister and niece. I am fixing turkey, Paula Deen's mac and cheese and broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, dressing and giblet gravy, deviled eggs, coconut pie and my son is bringing pumpkin cheesecake.
  9. The only thing I do to switch from summer to winter is when it gets cold enough, switch the central heat/air to heat and set the times on the digital thermostat and I am ready to to. right now we have been opening the windows to sleep at night but then have to close them and turn the air back on for the animals during the day so we can set the house alarms.
  10. That is awesome!!!!! Congrats on all your hard work!! I have lost 35 pounds since February and I know if I would just exercise I could have lost much more but I detest exercising.
  11. I hate pimento cheese but Duke's mayonnaise is my favorite brand.
  12. You all are not helping my Weight watchers!!! Rotiserie Chicken, steamed broccoli and white corn.
  13. Hey Siobhan, I joined Weight Watchers back in February and have lost 31 pounds so far. I love it that the meetings are at my job, it makes it much easier and I have a friend in the office and we are doing it together which keeps us both accountable. Now if I would just start exercising I could lose the weight even faster. Another weigh in tomorrow.
  14. I had to finally force myself to go shopping for new clothes since losing over 30 pounds my work clothes are now way to baggy. I so hate shopping and have been putting it off for a few weeks but the girls at work are now making fun of how baggy my dress slacks are so I went. Went to a place called Beall's Outlet and they had 50% off their clearance and I actually got 3 very nice pairs of slacks for $14.95 for all three including tax. Now I won't feel bad when in a couple of months they get to big and I can just donate them to Goodwill. Now cooking out some 97% Fat free hot dogs and very lean hamburgers on the grill.
  15. Reached my first 30.8 pound loss with Weight Watchers today. Only 69.2 more to go!!!! It seems much easier since they have the meetings at work and my co-worker and I do it together. Now if I could just start exercising. We have been on WW since the middle of February so I am averaging 1.4 pounds per week which is good. I figure maybe this time next year I will be at the weight I was before my son was born 25 years ago. Yippee!!!
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