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  1. type in caboodle ranch at you tube and you can see it in action.
  2. :lol: :idea: Like the lit up eye effect, looks like your cat got wired too
  3. I'm not a computer expert, but experienced a similar problem. Be persistant about contacting a supervisor at your DSL provider, they record every time you call. I eventually got someone to change my line to a data line and redo the line. You shouldn't have to pay for the service your not getting.
  4. The end of the month is almost here, does anyone smell laser cut houses? ;)
  5. DC865PB

    Talking to dh

    My fairfield poked at me , somehow I didn't mind . I convinced her that her floor needed to be covered.
  6. IF you click on the home page of that site, there is a English translation button.
  7. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/...S&ATTR=News I would be horrified if I spent that long building, then burned it?
  8. :groucho: Did anyone check inches lost; sometimes weight doesn't show but lost inches do. Maybe those pants fit a little looser, etc.
  9. I used natural pebble stone and Dap spackle, it worked fine
  10. Skinny craft sticks are same width as the door frames that were supplied, that is what I used.
  11. HBS sells a 34 pc furniture kit, unassembled and unfinished in half scale.
  12. If the Tennyson was limited, wouldn't it be listed that way on the site?
  13. DC865PB


    http://www.stormthecastle.com Has tutorial for paper castle and youtube.
  14. My cat comes with a ack-hck alarm, she meows loudly while walking thru the house right before the event
  15. Did you read the story in yahoo odd news about the german women who divorced her husband because he cleaned too much.. he knocked down a wall cause it was dirty and rebuilt it, after 15 years she couldn't deal with it.
  16. ;) Iwant to live in my mini house and get in my mini car and go visit all you other mini people in your mini cars and houses.
  17. Has anyone been to New Jersey (northlandz.com),their site says they have a 94-room dollhouse mansion?
  18. Best written show ever, can't wait to see how everything and everyone turns out.
  19. Yeah, early... "The early bird gets the worm" What would spring fling be without that??????? :yes:
  20. I voted depends, stairs add interest and a way up, but an elevator sounds good too. :jumping:
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