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  1. keinanna


    My dolls
  2. It looks great! i cant believe it still needs painting it looks finished and so real!
  3. This is not a website but an idea i had that i wanted to share. For a bathtub i am currently making one out of styrofoam, I cut it into the shape i wanted and glued it now i am using paper mache to make it smooth. I plan to paint it then I am going to buy that plastic tile stuff to decorate the outside of the tub and have a plastic insert to use inside the foam but i would think it would be fine without the insert too as a cheap way to make a bathtub. I will post pictures later once it is closer to being done
  4. keinanna

    My furniture kit

    Pictures of my furniture as i create it
  5. It is Beautiful!!! I cant believe thats a first try you are so talented
  6. It is a lot of fun I was a bit frusterated with lining things up and getting it to stay put but i have pretty quick drying glue so it was not terrible. I think i will use the masking tape idea someone suggested on future stages of building
  7. keinanna


    More pictures will be coming soon i plan on doing a bunch more work today AND i just picked up an Orchid house and some paints so i will be definetely having more pictures to post
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