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    love hanging out with my "guys". my husband Carter (my best friend) and my mini-schnauzer "Baxter". Love turning trash into treasure, love working in my cottage garden, LOVE watching sports with "my guys" and now my latest interest, I love getting back into the world of minis.

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  1. O.K. So now where can I buy shingles?
  2. Yes it is RGT, read the discription of what's included, and did'nt see shingles mentioned. Won't order until kit arrives. Thank You!
  3. Thank you for the infomation, I'll try again :kicking:
  4. Almost done with my Coventry Cottage, but got a new computer and haven't figured out how to post pictures :kicking:
  5. :kicking: It's been awhile since I've visited the forum,company, health, blah blah blah. That said I've gone BRAIN DEAD! I just ordered a Barbie scale Country House kit and expect delivery next week, so meantime I'm gathering up what I need, and I don't think the shingles are included with the kit? Where does one find them? Thanks Andi...The Mini-nut
  6. mini-nut


    :thumb: OK! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!! I'm working on a Barbie scale doll house for my daughter, all from scratch, and this shabby chic look is just what her house is screaming! JOB WELL DONE, NOT TO MENTION THE HEART AND SOUL THAT WENT INTO IT! NICE! ( I must mention that my daughter is turning 34 this year, and I made her a promise that I would make her the best doll house EVER, that was 20 some years ago, and I stared working full time.....I'm retired now, and a promise is still a promise in my "WHITE PICKET FENCE WORLD", Your tea cottage has put a flame under my "tush" to get on it! Th
  7. mini-nut

    Pearls 1.jpg

    Call me crazy, but I'd be wearing it! You have some really unique peices! I collect costume jewelery, and I know how much I've paid for some of them! Buy your beads at Walmart, save those lovely works of art! Just my two cents?
  8. mini-nut

    Ray Baby

  9. mini-nut

    Garfield side

    This house is drop dead beautiful! And I LOVE your view in your work area!
  10. mini-nut

    Boomer And Furryball

    The looks on their faces are just screamin'! "Must you do that right now?" Cats are just the coolest, shame my husband is allergic to them.....I would have a house full!
  11. mini-nut


    I thought I was "all that and a bag of chips" when I finally caught on to making Granny squares! Your work is just beautiful! A true masterpeice!
  12. When I had my grooming shop, Bishons were always a dread to do, so much scissor cutting! now retired, I so enjoy such cute little cotton puffs! And the puzzel house is toooo cute!
  13. mini-nut


    Adorable family! So many four-leggers and such clean floors, what, are you wonder woman or something?
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