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  1. Congratulations Jen, your entry was truly amazing. And Roy's is very unique and well done. Congrats to ALL the winners, your entries were all worthy of first place. I admire your creativity, skill and expertise. Thank you Dean for a great contest and the unique gift. I'll be looking for it in the mail. Josi
  2. Josi

    Cottage 5.jpg

    Wow, you did a great job!! The house is so cute, colorful and fairy tale like. Wonderful.
  3. Updated my avatar. Should be fun to see them all as avatars.
  4. Josi

    Exterior right.

    Great rendition of the kit. I love how you added the windows on the side and the brick work. Looks very inviting.
  5. Josi

    pin1056 pic 3.JPG

    You did a great job! Original idea and very well done. Josi
  6. Josi

    Spring Fling Entry - Knott's

    I live a few miles away from Knott's Berry Farm, but since the theme park in no way resembles the original berry farm I had to "google" for representative photos. I tried to replicate their berry farm as close as possible.
  7. Oh dear! I submitted my entries two days ago and haven't received a confirmation. Should I resubmit???
  8. It's been quite a while since I have posted but this subject is a little close to my heart. I was once employed by Mott's, and not that long ago. I started working there part time and stayed for a year and a half. I had just gotten into the mini hobby and was enthralled with every aspect of it, and wanted to learn more. This opportunity was a dream come true. And I loved working there......for the most part. I hesitate about sharing some of this (some misguided loyalty to my former employer) but the rude customer service is only the guy that owns the store. He directs the sales staff to handle customers in a certain way, and when he is in the store, employees follow his instructions. When he is not in the store, that is a different story. Most of the sales staff really want to provide excellent customer service. They are dealing with some inexperienced help now. But here again, they did not hire people IN THE HOBBY to run the store. I agree that in the right location, with store front exposure, walk in traffic alone would be increased ten fold. I have other suggestions that might work, such as in store mini meetings, classes, sales events, advertising in local papers and conventions (or the Bishop show when they are in Anaheim) sharing space with a railroad shop, etc... you know, normal stuff. To be fair, the other side is that rent is outrageous in Southern California. The hobby is seeing a slow down (young kids and their electronic toys), economy is bad (less discretionary income) and the owner, after being in the business ALL his life, has heard every possible customer compliant you can imagine twenty times already. (You would be surprised at the kind of things customers complain about) Yes, he is surly and rude. I am not making excuses for him. I guess what I am saying is there are two sides to every story. It could be a wonderful business, and if I were even 10 years younger and not retired, I would seriously look into buying the business. Keeping the name might be advantageous, even saying formerly known as Mott's could work too. This business needs to be bought by someone who loves the hobby. Just my opinion. Josi
  9. Josi

    The Primrose

    A beach cottage
  10. Building small also allows one to keep more houses around. After building the MHM I am so over building large. I am now exploring 1/2 scale houses.
  11. Heidi, I agree with Holly, you color scheme really cooks. They are just two different interpretations of the same style. Don't you imagine that there are similar houses in San Francsico like both of ours?
  12. You do some mighty beautiful work there Deb! Great job!
  13. Oh congratulations on the big house. I am partial to painted ladies myself. Love the accent colors to pop out white windows and provide lots of interest. You are going to have some fun. I just finished the MHM and want to do another painted lady soon. You are going to have some fun!
  14. You may be right, but Kathie, I can not find the motivation to make a curtain for it. It is sitting in the shop, right next to another Marquam Hill Manse, sort of a little street of MHMs. I am counting on the Christmas season to sell it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. Irene, I love your house. The brick work finishes it off nicely, but the exterior colors look wonderful together. The interior looks great too! Nice job.
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