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  1. I have been working a lot on my half scale houses. I have changed the layout of the Chantilly. Pic of the front and part of the second floor. There are more pics on my blog if anyone is interested. Here are the Chantilly linked posts Pics of the Victorianna linked posts Have you guys seen the Leon's Victorian Mansion? I got this kit for Christmas. It does not go together well, and the instructions are poor, but overall I am happy with the house.
  2. Gail - Would love to see pictures of your Victorianna! I found a kit on esty over the summer. I love it, and would love to have another! Pics of mine here. I changed the layout and added an addition. (I also have a half scale Chantilly that I am trying to change also). I glanced at the above post regarding wallpaper - I have to say that I do like Itsy but I try to order all my sheets at once and hpe I have extra and not have to get more. One thing that irked me is that it was costing me the same for her to ship to me full scale papers in a box that it was half scale papers in a envelope.
  3. Thanks!!! I looked on ebay and found a lot of other great things, but never saw them. Will order all three!!
  4. Seeing at though the PM is not working - Emily - where can I find more of the fridge magnets? I have been able to find a lot of other magnets that I can use - but have not come across a fridge. Need a few!!
  5. Thanks!!! I just ordered the 2 available from this ebay seller! Emily - I never have seen this section before. I ordered before I scrolled down to your post from ebay. I will have to see what else I can find on HBS site
  6. What I noticed with the houseoworks stairs is the railings. I have the half scale victoriana and replaced the stairs (and added another set). The railings in the kit are perfect. Delicate like I would have expected. When I ordered additional railings for the porch - they were pretty bulky. I will probably end up getting laser cut railings.
  7. I love it! I was just trying to decide what half scale to get next - and I think this might be it. Did you paperclay?
  8. Audra

    IMG 2038

    Wonderful! I might have to try to make a bench seat under my half scale victorianna's stairs!
  9. WoW! I can't believe this is half scale. Nice job!! I am attempting half scale again. It sure is easier to haul around!
  10. Audra

    Roof line

    I have not had to sand much of anything yet but the living room floor - and that is only because I stained it. I am bricking the exterior. We'll see how it goes when I get to the windows!
  11. I am starting to dabble back in the half scale again. I never finished my Chantilly. My daughter uses it for her Squinkie home. I was fortunate enough to find a Victorianna on Etsy last week. I love the McKinley - bought one finished a couple years ago, and a friend parted with hers for me to have. I tried to bash the second one into something great - but it didnt work out. Upset me that things didnt go as I invisioned - but there are 2 little girls that are very happy with it, that did not have a dollhouse to play with before. Anyway - I have some big plans with my Victorianna - but I wi
  12. I have never been able to find one before, so I wanted to grab it while I had the chance! I feel like I am 'nesting' right now - already cleaned my basement really well and heading to take care of misc little things. She cant come to a dirty home! She hasnt told me anything except she wanted a good home. I do know I love the Lee's Line furniture - but that is as far as I have gotten. Need to clean up my mini room to prepare for her arrival!
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