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  1. Audra

    Future home of Garfield

    Putting the cart before the bourse. Collecting/making accessories for Garfield. Goal is to have the house by January 2022
  2. I Noticed that they have A LOT of treasures. The cluttered look will be a challenge also.
  3. Thanks! maybe the color pallet attached will work out. I will probably be asking a lot of opinions along the way. I have picked up and made a lot of contents for the house. Just waiting to order the house until some of the kits I purchased are all together.
  4. I am completely stepping out of my comfort zone and venturing toward a Victorian period house for the future Garfield. I am struggling with the flow of the house/overall view would it look strange to have lighter colors in one room and darker colors in another? the parlour/dining area I would like the typical burgundy, but would like to do a pastel child’s room on second level. Maybe a darker gents room on a second or third level. Doesn’t seem eye appealing for the overall view of the house. suggestions??
  5. I have been looking for the discontinued hobby lobby sink and upper cabinet for a while now. There have been a few on ebay, but I have either been out bid it is ridiculously over priced. If anyone has these two pieces and would like to part with them, please let me know!!
  6. Thanks! Forgot about them!! Would you consider this to fit into the 1920's era??
  7. I love your sink!! Where did you find that?
  8. I loved the Chantilly when I first saw it. When I put her together, I was not happy with it anymore because of the layout. She sat in my closet for almost 2 years. I recently pulled her out and redid the whole thing. I was also lucky enough to come across the Victorianna. Altered that kit also. Still have my eye for another. Love that they are half scale AND hang on the wall! This is my Chantilly make over
  9. OMG - last thing I want to do is go back to March!! April - Keli and I are meeting up. Too bad you are unable to go!!
  10. Anyone planning on going? 3-10-13 and 3-11-13
  11. Even with the few mishaps, I would still buy it again. The kits are so different than what is out there. I have pictures on my blog - here is the link to the posts that have the Leon pictures in them. I have been working on the exterior yesterday and about to start adding the magic brick.(first time I have used it - wish me luck). Hope to update with more pics tonight.
  12. I got the Leon half scale for Christmas. Been working on it here and there. The owner is great - there was some trim that I liked that came with the kit. I contacted the owner and he made up some for me to buy. I really like the kit, however it does not go together as smoothly as what i had hoped. I cut the tabs off most of the pieces as they ddi not sit right, but I guess these things happen with tab/slot houses.
  13. I have been working a lot on my half scale houses. I have changed the layout of the Chantilly. Pic of the front and part of the second floor. There are more pics on my blog if anyone is interested. Here are the Chantilly linked posts Pics of the Victorianna linked posts Have you guys seen the Leon's Victorian Mansion? I got this kit for Christmas. It does not go together well, and the instructions are poor, but overall I am happy with the house.
  14. I left them out of my half scale McKinley - only becaused I bashed the house and then lost the new window inserts. They are also not in my half scale Chantilly - as (again) I rebashed that house and was not able to save the plastic. What about the lids from donut containers??
  15. Thanks!! I am trying to find a railing for the porch that I like. Plus I am going to make a door for the bedroom that leads to the porch. Maybe I can do that today (inbetween puppy time - they are cute arent they Debora!?)
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