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  1. christie

    The Master Bedroom

    i need a month to view your work...incredible
  2. christie

    Children's Room

    sooo detailed...your work is magnificent
  3. christie


    Byfar aome of the best work I've seen.
  4. christie

    Reading Room

    Magnificent! Gosh you are special.
  5. I can't believe this is a dollhouse! Youare someone i aspire to be
  6. christie


    Wow, this is an incredible room. You are good!
  7. I love the dog on the bed!!! At times we have four of them IRL.
  8. I like your mirrors behind the tub..how cool is that!
  9. Very impressive! I was curious cause I want to make a beach house too. Just didn't even think of the outstanding landscape you provided! ;)
  10. I love the bath under the stairs...saved it to my favorites. How did you find/make a sink so skinny. I'm building the Harrison too and want to copy your idea. OK?
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