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  1. I didn't know you could buy LED's that were battery powered; think I may have to give this one a try on the next house. Very cool! My husband and I have used similar LED's for lighting our 210 gallon, and 55 gallon, freshwater fish tank's. We use regular T5 bulbs to simulate daylight and to grow all the freshwater plants, but we use the blue LED's to simulate moonlight for the non-daylight hours for the fish. They work great and the light isn't intensely bright. I'll take a pic tonight when the 'moonlight' is on and post it so you can all see what I'm talking about. I know you all a
  2. He loks like a "Dweezel" to me.
  3. Believe it or not, I have had great results with stick glue. You know, the kind you usually buy your kids for school. You can even find the kind that goes on purple but dries clear. It's fairly cheap, a couple bucks for a three pack at Wal-mart and it dries super fast too!
  4. Looks like we are in the same boat....snow! snow! snow! I love Utah in every season except Winter. Winter here feels like your trapped in your freezer. I started shoveling my walks day before yesterday at about 6pm. By 9pm I was out doing it again. At 11pm I was at it again and trying to dig out our truck so my husband could go to work at 4:30am. At 2am I was yet at it again. All in all I think we got about 7 inches that night. Had a break the following day, but it's snowing again now. I've already been out shoveling, waiting for hubby to get home. (Hope he makes it through the neig
  5. I have an older dog that acts just like that when she has a toothache. When she gets snappy with the cats, it's a sure sign it's another tooth problem. My male cat gets nippy when he has a hair ball; yuck, I hate finding those! I'd take your furry little friend to the vet and have her checked out.
  6. The Michael's here, ten years ago or more, did sell miniature stuff...houses, supplies etc. Not anymore though. Neither does Roberts. The only place around here to stock up is Hobby Lobby and their section seems to be getting smaller and smaller each time I go there.
  7. Well, we got another couple of inches last night. Went and got a bag of ice-melt and covered the driveway and walkway to the porch. It was coming down so hard and fast when I was doing it that I couldn't tell where I had put the ice-melt! Ugh! So far no snow today, just some wind. Thank goodness! Looks like we won't be getting another storm until Tuesday. Then we get to start all over again. Hope some of the snow melts from this storm before we get the next one; I'm running out of places to put snow! lol ****Free snow to anyone with a shovel! Come take as much as you'd like!
  8. Those of you that live here in Utah can sympathize with me! We got 3 feet....I repeat, 3 feet of snow last night. Roads are closed, airport is shut down, bus station is full of people trying to get home. What a mess!!! My son, daughter and I have been shoveling this awful white fluffiness since 10am. The bad part......it started snowing again, hard. I just looked outside and once again you can't see the driveway. On a brighter note, the city snowplow finally made it down our street; but they completely buried my 4 1/2 foot tall mailbox. (sigh) Good thing the mailman has already been
  9. When was the last time Greenleaf came out with a complete new house design? My hubby asked me this question the other day and I didn't have an answer for him. He keeps telling me that they have had the same house designs forever and never have anything new. I'm fairly new to this hobby still and my Greenleaf trivia facts arn't exactly up to snuff. lol So guys and gals, when was the last time Greenleaf came out with a new one?
  10. Today is going to be a busy one for me. My son, that just got back from his tour in Iraq, is coming home for Christmas in the next couple of days. He's stationed in North Carolina and is making the drive along with his wife and my other son who made his way from Arkansas down to North Carolina to hitch a ride home for the holidays. I have spare bedrooms I need to clean the cobwebs out of so everyone is comfy while their here. We haven't seen our son who is in the Army for three years. And we haven't seen our other son for almost a year now. It'll be good to have everyone home again.
  11. I learned a few things about myself building the Pierce this year: 1. I hate waiting for glue to dry. 2. Sanding wood is strangely calming. 3. I love to decorate! I love shopping for furniture, picking out wallpaper, painting, deciding what will go where etc. Except for nurseries; not crazy about nurseries. 4. I don't care for dolls too much. ok, maybe a maid or servant of some sort, but no families. Is that weird? 5. I like odd little mini's...things you don't find in your every day dollhouse, like mini caskets, mini skeletons, lazy suzan k
  12. Whew! ok, crisis over! (breathe.......) Turns out it was just a short in the wire. My dear hubby tracked it down and fixed it when he got home from work this morning. Doing the Happy Dance once again! :thumb:
  13. I know they are meant for candles; was thinking of "flickering" bulbs to simulate candle flames maybe. Thought it would look great in a tavern scene! Too much? or should I just stick with the little un-lit candles instead?
  14. I am so depressed right now! I went downstairs tonight to work on my house, did a bit of painting etc. Thought I'd plug er' in and look at the pretty lights for a sec before I turned in for the night and THEY DID NOT WORK!!!!! ;) UGH!!!! What the heck?! Words cannot describe how sad I am at this moment. I was so excited too! That'll teach me! :thumb:
  15. it's unfortunate, but threading through the arms isn't possible. they only have a little divet where the "candles" are suppose to go. I was wondering if wrapping the wire around the arms, then painting to match the color of the fixture would work....don't know if that's a good idea though. i love these fixtures so much! I don't want to ruin the look of them, if you know what i mean.
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