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    I began my first dolls' house about 4 years ago (2003) and became hooked. I loved the way the hobby stretched me - always learning new skills & then wanting to know more!<br /><br />I've learnt how to paint, use paper clay, papier mache & Das, electrify my projects, use a soldering iron, make curtains & dress beds, appreciate (and really look at) architecture etc etc.<br /><br />I'm still learning all these skills & each project brings its own thrill as I try something new - if it doesn't work out, at least I've learnt how NOT to do it!<br /><br />This hobby has sustained me through the death of Eddie, my husband, in July 2007, after an 18 month fight with cancer. It's the best therapy I know; I can lose myself for hours.<br /><br />I have 2 whippets, Bracken & Toby, both 4 years old & the loves of my life :)<br /><br />My other hobbies are collecting My Little Ponies (I have about 700!!), doing cross stitch & reading.

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  1. whippet-gal


    Absolutely brilliant. Well done - I love it :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  2. Oh my - just when I'd decided to go to 1:48 to save on space! Still 1:24 is only half as bad, isn't it? I'd love a 1:24 Diana, but airmail shipping is soooo expensive to the UK :groucho: I feel like a kid in a sweet shop with all these treats GL keep bringing out. Jackie
  3. Thanks for your lovely comments The carpet is just a fabric sample, which I found in my stock of curtaining pieces. Don't give me ideas about making needlepoint rugs - it would take me forever to finish anything if I attempted that!!
  4. whippet-gal

    The Orchid

    Greenleaf's Orchid Cottage
  5. whippet-gal

    The Aster

    Greenleaf aster cottage
  6. whippet-gal

    My hand-crafted items

    Dressed beds, curtains etc
  7. whippet-gal

    Grosvenor Hall

    My very long-term Georgian manor project
  8. whippet-gal

    garf stairs

    Superb! I love the suggested wallpaper & stair runner. Great work, Marg - you're an inspiration Jackie
  9. whippet-gal


    Nutti - I'm so glad you're feeling better again. You look absolutely fabulous in the 5 generations photo and you did it all yourself :monkeydance: As Holly says - you rock! Jackie
  10. Absolutely beautiful, Marg. This is another of your houses I could just move straight into! Jackie
  11. I've just read 'Case Histories' by Kate Atkinson & am almost through 'One Good Turn' - her latest book. I really like her style of writing & will be sorry when I've read all of her 5 or 6 books. Jackie
  12. I know what you mean about being glad to finish the siding - I felt just the same. Can't decide which I like best siding or shingling ... NEITHER!! Jackie
  13. Ann, have a look at the Brookwood thread - in this section. Someone there talks about the stairs & there are pictures. Hope it helps you. I've not started mine yet. Jackie
  14. It's looking great. Well done, Rhonda I can't wait to see the finished house. Jackie
  15. whippet-gal


    Lovely roombox, Greg. I would have fallen for it, too I really like what you're doing with it - the fabric on the chair is amazing with that wallpaper! Jackie
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