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    I am a professional tailor with my own business. I love to knit, embroider, crocheting, etc. with my spare time. I am also an avid reader, so needless to say, any time left over is with family and friends. My newest and best hobby is of course making Dollhouses!!

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  1. 902_dwyer

    My McKinley House

    This is the second house I made that I keep on the wall at my shop. People come in just to see it.
  2. I ordered very fine needles and crochet hooks, and very fine merino wool to knit up some things for my dolls. The first time was tricky, but I soon managed, and made a couple of skirts, 2 sweaters, and a man's vest.
  3. 902_dwyer

    Harrison House

    This is my third house and it is coming along nicely, except I've been stuck on the lighting. I will get there, though, and will send the final pics along when I finish.
  4. Your pictures are amazing. Do you give any lessons on this site? I am saving every scrape of wood from my four kits for when I have more time to play.
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