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  1. KeZZsi

    Arthur Re-do!

    I started this Dollhouse about five or six years ago and I don't think I was quite ready and it was toted around until now! The theme of this Dollhouse is inspired by Bobby's house before it was burned down on the TV show Supernatural.
  2. Haha! Oh no! He may not fit!
  3. Oops! My phone had a small spasm and posted twice! Sorry about that!
  4. We got all the way into 85º weather today! And are expecting snow on wednesday haha
  5. We got all the way into 85º weather today! And are expecting snow on wednesday haha
  6. Yes that is true I will just have to try different ones on google.... the colored marshmellow one sounds plesent!
  7. Congrats on the awesome tickets! That deffinatly sounds like a sight worth seeing, I am actually surprised as well that there would be a recording... hmmm
  8. 8 instruments?! That is so cool! I can only play instruments from the Clarinet family
  9. Selkie- I like oil painting too I don't think I have tried dry pastel painting, but it looks like it would be interesting. Havanaholly- wow do you travel often? How many places have you been?
  10. Which I just found out like a week ago! That is just so neat! It makes sense since the designs were made to be smaller, but I never would have put the two together
  11. Awesome! Which is your favorite at the moment?
  12. I don't know about all of you, but I think my hobby may be collecting other hobbies! I have done tons of things and while I have not "mastered" one thing, I am good at many things. I have dabbled in jewelry making (really, who hasn't?), sculpting with your average clay, throw pottery, polymer, painting, scrapbooking, ceramics, pin striping, silk screens, I can do all the yarn and string stuff (cross stitch, crochet, knitt, and a little punch embroidery) , doll house making is in progress, metal stamping i just started, and I can make just about anything with a tube of glue and scraps on my des
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