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  1. Your windows are beautiful...and yes, take your time, enjoy the process...you are creating a lovely heirloom, not just a dollhouse! Tappy
  2. Wow that is exactly like the real life one--very neat to see! And if you click on the additional pics you get to see the rafters! I think this is the most interesting one they have had in a while...it is tempting. Maybe if I finish what I am working on now, I will buy it. ...Actually finishing it and entering the contest are a whole different story... I do love to see when Greenleafers win the contest--it's like having a family member win something! Tappy
  3. Hmmm...with the books and all, the man looks like a Professor to me--so Professor Potts or something--I like the list of snooty gentleman names for the first name--especially Percival--Professor Percival Potts... The witch looks like an Esmerelda...or Griselda... And the Grandma looks like a 'Nana' this or that...Nana Price, Nana Fisher... Tappy
  4. Only Eighteen Days 'til summer begins!!...Just hoping...you know...that it's still gonna happen...and in "Spring"...keep hope alive, keep hope alive... Tappy
  5. If you have a decent library close by, try looking there for books on Victorian decor. My local library is small, but I have found all sorts of interesting reference materials there. Reference books on interior design, antique furniture, and architecture may all have images that will help. Also, don't forget the "Painted Ladies" Victorian home books. They mainly focus on the exterior paint combos, but they also feature a few interiors as well--the Daughters of Painted Ladies has a couple that feature some beautifully decorated homes with period furniture. A Google "Images" search of "1890 house interiors" brings up hundreds of photos. They may not all be exactly what you are looking for, but using the suggestions Kelly gives above, you can narrow it down. The nice thing about searching "Images" is that you don't have to click in to each website, they all appear on the screen. You can cut and paste out the ones you like (if you have Word or PowerPoint) and many can be resized (enlarged) to see the detail. Good luck! Tappy
  6. We made them from polymer clay in my local mini club a few years ago...yes they can't be readjusted once they are baked, but they still came out pretty cool. We also made the nozzle end from gold colored clay mixed with brown. The project lead that meeting had different colors and dolled them out so we each mixed our own. Was a lot of fun and came out quite well even for beginners! I made a coiled one to either be in a pile or could sit on a bracket, and a squiggly one for the flower bed...If your daughter isn't going to water the mini plants this may be the option. Tappy
  7. Hmmm...maybe they are hesitant on the sneak peeks since that one time the "peeked version" didn't make it into the final product and a few folks complained...I was really hoping it would be posted this weekend...and yes, without some previews, it does feel like we a totally in the dark on when this may happen...sigh, patience is a virtue, right?!? Tappy
  8. Thanks for posting the history Selkie! I was wondering when they used to start/finish, but hadn't gotten around to trying to find the old posts... And I agree, last year's Fling project with options was absolutely fabulous--if they are working to top or even match that one we are in for a real treat! I also agree with Morgan--we are trying to be patient, so lack of posts are not lack of interest or anticipation...I just didn't want to keep posting questions about when it will start and become known as the Greenleaf Fling Nag!! I am going to be out of the office for a few days around the Memorial Day Holiday (no access to computer), so I am sure it will happen then--that is when things always happen!! That is why I always appreciate a two week opportunity to get the kit and options with the free shipping!... Tappy
  9. tappy


    I went to my local Michael's last weekend and they only had the moss pot toppers which is just sphagnum moss, not the fine pretty stuff featured above...the stock in this area was pretty sparse, so I am not sure if they don't carry it or just didn't have it that day... Thanks for posting the link on the grass blog--your Rosedale bash looks great! Tappy
  10. Oh, yes, definitely hope for overcommitment!! Isn't two always supposed to be better than one?! And who knows, they could wind up making it into one spectacular combined bash that could go in both contests?! Or are you not allowed to do that?! Tappy
  11. Yes, I notice they have been on sale a long time...kind of a comfort to know you can always go back and get components for any SF UFOs! I also noticed the Founding Father's Day Sale is still showing from...well, not sure when, it just says to order by Sunday at midnight! Got an email today for a discount on the HBS Creatin Contest kit...I am holding out for the Fling! I figure if I am going to buy a kit and not finish it, it has to be a GL SF kit--why break tradition?!...Besides, the HBS kit is cute, but hasn't said a word to me! Tappy
  12. tappy

    IMG 7125

    This all looks so great and this photo makes the kitchen look life size! Great job!
  13. Does the book have the creepy guy Jonas? Or is that all BBC too?--Glad the book has a happy ending... Tappy
  14. Thanks for the info Kathie! That is really interesting that Katherine & her father aren't in the book--as you mentioned they are so important to the tv plot lines! Tappy
  15. Yes that is interesting Paris vs London, but maybe it is just easier to have English speaking people in England than try to pretend it is France?...Does it seem like the book will only cover season one? They have obviously left the tv show open for season two--with the scorned fiance plotting her revenge and all... I will definitely read the book if they don't resolve the plot lines on the tv show, unless the book ends the same as season one! Is it a good read? Is the translation ok? Tappy
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