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  1. Ooh, toes and fingers!! Don't they get in the way! I have recently hooked my thumb in the handle of a fire door at work as I opened it to let a group of Managers from head office through, the door swung shut faster than I could move and crushed my thumb (I didn't make a sound, not with half of head office within earshot!!) It's still hurting, I have damaged the tendons and now it keeps partially dislocating, (it's really slowing up the building of my sf) I'll think twice before I open a door for anyone in future!!
  2. We now have fireworks here practically all year round (though it used to be just 5th November and New Year). There is an age restriction for buying them (over 18 only) and shops have to be licensed to sell them, but there is always a huge problem with kids getting hold of them and throwing them at other people/each other! If I had my way there would be a total ban on sales to the general public and it should be organised diplays only that have to be fully licensed!
  3. Ooh, going shopping tomorrow, think I need some of those scissors, what a great idea!!
  4. I'm working on the SF (the windows are driving me nuts!!), but I've still got other smaller projects on the go too! It would be another house or three if I had the work space!! It all seems pretty normal to me!
  5. I have a Honeychurch shop, which I love, but my favourite at the moment is my Willowcrest (that could change If I ever get this San Fransiscan completed!)
  6. It will be a few more weeks before we have any produce, we're only just starting to get warmer weather over here, but we're doing quite well for our first attempt, all the plants are thriving. So far we have tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, rhubarb, melons, strawberries, peppers, butternut squash, pumpkins, marrows, peas, leeks and carrots. Next year we're planning to add some fruit bushes and trees!
  7. Saxby All Saints, Lincolnshire. The old outbuildings where we kept our goat and chickens (and had a resident snowy owl in the roof!).
  8. My childhood home in Saxby All Saints, Lincolnshire.
  9. A photo of the main street in West Butterwick, Lincolnshire UK (taken about 1910)
  10. My Great Grandparents and G.G Grandmother outside their stone farmhouse in West Butterwick, Lincolnshire, UK (photo taken about 1905)
  11. :o I'm currently working in retail (I really don't like it, never have, but at least it's a job!). In the past I've been a nanny, worked in a knicker factory and a food factory, in a post office, trained as a theatre costume designer, did a year as a seamstress in a designer Wedding Dress shop, waitress and yet more retail. I still do some sewing and design dolls and quilts and the occasional costume (mostly ballroom dresses and theatrical stuff).
  12. I'm definitely introvert! I much prefer my own space...my son is turning out like me too, quite shy , but once he gets started there's no stopping him, though my daughter is a true extrovert - she hates being on her own, is a singer/dancer/actress and loves being the centre of attention, just like her father!!
  13. We have to feed ours seperately, our older shih tzu will barge the cat out of the way to steal his dinner and he also does that with the puppy (he lives to eat!!!).
  14. You could make an aisle of hearts using flower heads/petals (use a piece of string to make the shape of each heart, follow round it with a sprinkle of petals and remove the string to leave the heart shape).
  15. I don't know where some of these sellers get their prices from! The last doll I shipped to the US was a 22" primitive and it cost about £4 (that's around $8). I don't charge for handling as I think that should be part of the service if you offer mail order. Now, if I'm buying mail order I add the shipping cost to the product before I decide if I will buy and if a company tries to add extra shipping I cancel, rather than encouraging them in this practice!! (the only time I paid high shipping was to get the sf, but it was worth it!)
  16. Congratulations to all, you really are an inspiration! ;)
  17. A good tip for making your own fraycheck is to use regular pva glue diluted with water, it works just as well at a fraction of the cost!
  18. Thankyou all so much, especially Jame, I now have a copy of the book on order! (I have to wait a few weeks, but as I've been looking for it for two years, a few weeks isn't really going to matter!!)
  19. I'm currently working on my family tree and have discovered that a lot of the Newlove family (my maiden name) emigrated from the UK to the US in the 1700s and 1800s. There's a book called 'The Newlove Family Tree' written by Thomas Vernon Newlove and published by Higginson Book Company in Salem MA which I would love to find a copy of, but so far have had no luck. I've tried the company's website, but can't get onto it and haven't had any replies to my emails...anyone have any ideas?? :lol:
  20. I currently have five (one only partly completed), so far I have built 16.
  21. Yes, my dd's burned too, by the time they were appearing on her face, they were fading on her body, but still took a few weeks to disappear completely.
  22. You could try spraying the area with citronella oil diluted in water (cats really hate the smell of it). Also check the cleaning stuff you use doesn't have ammonia in it because that only encourages them!
  23. I've just got started on my SF after a few days of delaying tactics by hubby (he's been insistent on taking me out a lot more than usual, then I realised what he was up to!!) Today, though I'm beginning to think there's some kind of conspiracy.... starting with a dash for the train this morning (needed some paint as the stuff I had from last project had mysteriously dried up even with the lid on tight...)only to find the train had been cancelled and there wasn't going to be another one until late this afternoon (too late for the shops)! So.. decided I could do a few bits, some sanding etc (found the sanding discs hubby had picked and insisted would fit my mini sander were completely the wrong ones and he had left the sanding sheets in the car and gone to work with them,grrr). So thought I could manage with the teeeny bit I had left and stick a few bits...easier said than done...clamps weren't quite big enough, masking tape had vanished so enlisted son's help....son helping managed to drop biggest mdf board on his foot,lol (I know I shouldn't, but I did!) OK, think I should maybe leave things for today and try again, tomorrow... :welcome:
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