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  1. I feel it is kinda creepy inside. I guess I would have thought that even if I hadn't know the back story. I am new to dollhouse building (didn't know the history of the house until now) and am actually in the middle of my dry build now of this awesome house. It is really a beauty of a house never the less.
  2. That is really pretty with the light and the gorgeous trellis. Really lovely!
  3. kcaprio

    1/2 Scale Arthur

    That is a pretty ceiling!
  4. Its really very pretty. I can't wait to see it all in good shape again. It's already very pretty!
  5. Very nice! I would love to make this house someday!
  6. kcaprio

    front of Victorian

    Oh that is lovely!!
  7. Pretty, the green makes it standout well!
  8. This looks like how my living room looks. Fun!
  9. Very nice, I love your door!
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