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  1. 13 hours ago, Keifer said:

    Did you make the koi pond?  I like it. 

    Yes, I did! I just used the hot glue method because I'd never made it before, but I think next time I will try using resin so it looks less cloudy

  2. 10 hours ago, Mid-life madness said:

    My son's favorite book when he was little was Llama, Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney.   I am his llama mama!

    I love reading that book to my son, too. Last summer a friend showed me a funny clip of the rapper Ludacris, rapping the words to this book:




  3. 6 hours ago, Goldenrodfarm said:

    Cute!  looks kind of more like an alpaca with the short nose but so cute!

    I think you might be right- i looked at some photos and it does look more like an alpaca. I got it at a Yankee swap party this past weekend

  4. 1 hour ago, Mid-life madness said:

    I just went through the whole album. This is a really neat Geisha house. I like your use of found items. Good job!

    Thank you! I had the idea for quite a while, but kept putting it on the back burner. After I found the little geisha doll at a thrift store, I knew it was fate.

    1 hour ago, Keifer said:

    Great use of materials, it looks good. I too like recycling materials where I can.  One of the subfloors on my build is from a dresser drawer somebody had tossed out. 

    Thanks! I think recycling and repurposing materials is the only way I can keep this hobby up- otherwise I'd be totally broke. 

  5. Yeah, the price is def the best part. And the stove is kind of just like background piece, so it doesnt need to function or look especially nice. The focus on this dh is on Beetlejuice, and the creepy/funny details, not the kitchen appliances. :)

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  6. On 12/13/2016, 10:26:46, Emerald said:

    LOVE YOUR BEACH PROJECT and so WARM in those COLD FREEZING DAYS.....by the way, MICHAELS has LOTS AND LOTS of beach stuff way before spring.  They have so much...you should look and see if there are some you could add to your special project....hope I didn't offend, just your project reminded me of what I saw at Michaels with all their coupons last night 12/12.

    Haha- no you didn't offend me at all. I started this project years ago, and it's just been a slow-going one. When I see something I want to add, I do but I don't really labor over it. I saw some beach themed fairy garden stuff at Hobby Lobby, but it all came together in a box which cost $27.99- even with the 40% off coupon, it's a little too much for me to acquire just a few fun, beachy mini's. I'll have to watch Michael's selection.

  7. 16 hours ago, Emerald said:

    This is an interesting distressed building...I REALLY like it a lot.

    Thanks! I have a habit of flipping through magazines and tearing out ads that are appealing to me, and then saving them. I'd had this one for a while, and I loved it (plus- it was one half of a double spread ad, so this side didn't have any text on it) and I knew it'd be perfect for something, someday.

    It just happened to fit inside this little drawer, near perfectly. And the more I looked at it, the more I could kind of see it coming to life.

  8. On 11/26/2016, 8:46:24, Its_a_sm_world_after_all said:

    What a great idea! I'm so glad you had something fun to take your mind off the work troubles! Minis = Great Therapy, right!

    Yeah, it's always a relief to get back to mini-ing. The work troubles actually got worse before Thanksgiving, so my days are very tense.

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  9. 16 hours ago, Its_a_sm_world_after_all said:

    Oh boy! A new project! Good for you!

    Yeah, after I bought the lantern it came together very easily. I already had most of the stuff in my stash- I bought the silvery glittery floral pick at Dollar Tree (I took it apart and stuck them in different places to look like bubbles).

  10. On 11/23/2016, 4:14:04, Emerald said:

    What a clever idea....looking forward to seeing it.


    I can't take full credit- I saw a beautiful diorama made from cut paper on Pinterestand that's what inspired me to make a small mermaid diorama

  11. It is a jewelry box! I found it on the side of the road and grabbed it. Since it's not an official dh the scale isn't precise- I work almost exclusively in 1:12 but sometimes the scale has to be adjusted a little for projects that are built from scratch or upcycled items that are small. I'd say it's somewhere between 1:24 and 1:12

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