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  1. Found this clock on the side of the road- I think it would be perfect to make Tink's little apartment from the movie Hook.

    The back panel opens up (rather than the face of the clock, like in the movie) but I think it would be a fun project.

    Love to hear your ideas how I can recreate that fun little space, in this clock that has a very tall, but narrow, compartment behind the glass.


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  2. The other day I had to go pick up a prescription at Rite Aid, so I decided to peruse the Halloween aisle.

    I saw these Disney Villain mini windsocks for 50% off, and there was one Ursula left! She only cost me $5!

    She's a decent size, and I think if I stuff the inside t make her look voluptuous, she will look great next to my Ariel Grotto.

    My 5 year old son said she looks too big for a dollhouse, but Ursula gets super big at the end of the movie anyways, so it doesn't bother me too much.

    It was a perfect find for a great price- don't you just live for those moments?!

    Here she is: 


  3. Hi everyone! My son and I are currently making a diorama of The Goonies. It's a cave, and I plan to make some water in it.

    I bought a large tupperware container from Dollar Tree, and I painted the bottom of it it, and I plan to make the water to fill it.

    I have used the floral water stuff before (from Walmart and Hobby Lobby). I like that it's affordable and easy, but it seems to collect dust and gunk easily.

    I am thinking of switching over to epoxy resin to make the water for this scene, because it seems easier to keep clean. Do you have any recommendations for products? Based on price, and easiness to use?

    OR, do you know how I can can clean the floral water stuff easier?

    I've done a couple small ponds (like for my Secret Garden scene) but this is going to be the biggest one I've done so far, and I'd like it to look nice.

  4. 5 hours ago, havanaholly said:

    Stain strips of cardboard/ chipboard with wood stain and attach vertically & age it by rubbing grated chalk pastels over it?

    I do have an excess of cardboard, which is why I keep making more and more houses (I also made a little vintage camper one day, just for a new challenge)


    I might be able to give this a whirl

  5. 5 hours ago, KathieB said:

     Love the concept! For the inside -- coarsely woven cloth (for texture) glued and painted? 

    I dont really have any cloth right now, but Im going to keep that in mind for the future

  6. I've been very inspired lately, particularly by the art of twistedcopperforest on Instagram. I made this out of cardboard, covered it with gesso, then spackle, then paint, and am now attaching branches. I am trying to make it look like an old cottage abandoned in the woods, possibly a witch's house.

    The spackle made the house kind of heavy, so I don't want to do it on the inside.

    What would you suggest I do on the inside to make it look like an old cottage? I am trying to use materials I already have around the house, rather than buying more stuff (also, I am too impatient to wait a week or more for delivery right now).

    Please leave me some inspiration or suggestions.


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  7. Well, I know others who have gone one direction with a house, not liked it or kept it for some reason, and then re-do the house in a whole new way.  .  .I'd hate to get rid of it and then come up with a new idea for it.  .  .right now I don't have any other ideas for it b/c it's always been Snow White's house, but it just doesn't do anything for me anymore.  .  .



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  8. On 1/21/2020, 9:10:32, havanaholly said:

    One thing that I find really irritating is having to watch the item carefully through every step of the process, as somewhere in the options selection process there is often an astronomic price hike.

    I'm surprised at this. Usually I can make the prices go down a little by 'unlocking' it or using some wish cash (refunded $ from special offers that I didnt win). I think I only saw a price increase once, and that was for a sweatshirt I was interested in (didn't end up getting it)

  9. Has anyone else gotten mini's from wish.com?

    I've gotten several things from that site now, and the prices are great. The biggest drawback is that it takes weeks, sometimes over a month to be delivered. But if you're willing to wait, you can find some decent things on there.

    Most of the mini's I;ve gotten were food/groceries, but the sewing box and the chess set had surprisingly good quality, as far as standard mini's go (the kind you find in stores- not artisan quality).

    I haven't ordered any of the furniture yet, nor the house kits

  10. On 1/12/2020, 10:18:09, Becky132 said:

    This is awesome! I’m such a huge fan of friends excited to see the pictures!!

    me too! It began when I was in middle school, and I watched the series all the way until the last episode when I was in college.

    It started streaming on Netflix a week before my son was born. After I gave birth, I was in the hospital and I ended up watching the episode where Rachel gives birth to Emma. My son is 5 now and he knows the song and the characters and episodes, so not having it on Netflix has been a big deal for me.

    This is a way to keep my Friends fix until it starts streaming again (on a diff service).

  11. 18 hours ago, Island-Shack said:



    I hope this link works, one of the miniature pages I follow on Instagram just re-posted this video of Monica's apartment....it's incredible!


    I'm sure

    I'm sure mine will not look as amazing as this one, but it's great inspiration. Thanks!

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  12. 13 hours ago, Island-Shack said:

    I would love to see pics! My family and I are Friends fanatics, and they keep asking me when I'm going to do Monica's apartment or Central Perk

    I'm going to post some pics soon! My husband intentionally left it very unfinished, so I wanted to make a little progress on it, just so it's clear what it represents.

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  13. My husband's Christmas surprise to me is a FRIENDS dollhouse! :cucumber:

    It's actually more like a very big roombox, with Monica's apartment on one side and Central Perk on the other side. It's unfinished, because he knew I'd want to do as much of it myself as possible, but he did paint the walls in Monica's apartment the perfect shade of purple.

    I will post pictures of it soon, but I couldn't wait to share my good news with all of you.

    Please post any suggestions or links that you think would be good as I start working on my latest project.

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  14. On 11/27/2019, 9:23:38, amyole said:

    I hadn't heard this. There is a store not too far from me and I go there for my supplies. I like it better than Michael's too. I'm still getting daily emails for their specials, but I only pay attention when I plan to go there that day. So sad to lose another store.

    I'm located in NH too. I went to the AC Moore in Salem on Black Friday and was very disappointed. Not only were there no great deals/sales, but I did not see any dollhouses in there.


    Years ago at an AC Moore in Maryland I bought my lighthouse, already assembled and wired because it was the display model and they were getting rid of it.

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