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    Tink's Clock Apartment

    I've always wanted to do a Peter Pan inspired dollhouse/scene, but I guess I needed the right vessel. I found this clock on the side of the road, and as soon as I realized the back panel comes off very easily, I knew the inside would be perfect to do my own version of Tinkerbell's Clock apartment from the movie Hook
  2. I looked at your photo album- your house looks great! I am going to keep my mine vintage because I was gifted some antique (Strombecker?) furniture, and it looks really nice together. But it is going to need some work. Do you have any tips for restoring it?
  3. It appears to be a Keystone! I found the blog of a Keystone collector and she has one like mine.
  4. This is what her house looks like from the outside. It appears to be just the top of an old grandfather clock.
  5. Yesterday I went onto Facebook Marketplace (which I rarely do). I decided to do a bit of 'window shopping/browsing' to see if anyone was selling used dollhouses - just to get some inspiration, I swear! And someone had listed a FREE dollhouse! I couldn't believe someone was giving one away, so I messaged her immediately. She was very glad that someone was interested, and said she was about to donate it to Goodwill. I made arrangements with my husband to pick it up. It's an old wood/cardboard one. It needs some repairs, but overall it's not too bad. Originally when I rea
  6. I've done a little work on it- here's a pic of her 'bed' with a stopwatch hanging down near it
  7. That's okay- I am looking forward to seeing it.
  8. I found one on Ebay that might work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Poseable-Handmade-Cannabis-Elf-Fairy-Collectible-Doll-Ornament/303673864802?hash=item46b45f7262:g:4Z0AAOSwl9dd2Hga I would replace her outfit, but her face and hairstyle resemble Julia Roberts' portrayal of Tinkerbell, and the price is reasonable
  9. I know! I thought maybe I could find an action figure from when the movie was released, but it looks like they never made one. I've looked at a few fairy dolls on Ebay to see if I could find one that resembles her, but so far I haven't had much luck. I am looking on Etsy, too now.
  10. I did, but the only things I could really see through her tiny door way were: a shell filled with feathers (her bed), her vanity (looks like a piece of a wood, with the top of tin can for a mirror), an old key, Peter Banning/Pan's driver license, his credit card and a box of certs. Since my clock has more space to fill, I am trying to think of what else I can put in there. I have an old wooden spool with thread on it, and I am trying to track down an old looking thimble (in the book, the 'thimble' is called a kiss).
  11. I watched that scene in the movie recently, but her little house doesn't get much screen time. I would love any photos you could share with me!
  12. I will try to post one, soon. It's tricky to get too close, because all the light reflects off the glass. Maybe once I start filling the space a little, it will be easier to photograph.
  13. shamrockgirl18

    Ariel's Grotto

    The Little Mermaid has always been one of my favorite fairy tales and movies, and i finally decided that I needed to create my own Ariel doll house (more like habitat).
  14. Found this clock on the side of the road- I think it would be perfect to make Tink's little apartment from the movie Hook. The back panel opens up (rather than the face of the clock, like in the movie) but I think it would be a fun project. Love to hear your ideas how I can recreate that fun little space, in this clock that has a very tall, but narrow, compartment behind the glass.
  15. The other day I had to go pick up a prescription at Rite Aid, so I decided to peruse the Halloween aisle. I saw these Disney Villain mini windsocks for 50% off, and there was one Ursula left! She only cost me $5! She's a decent size, and I think if I stuff the inside t make her look voluptuous, she will look great next to my Ariel Grotto. My 5 year old son said she looks too big for a dollhouse, but Ursula gets super big at the end of the movie anyways, so it doesn't bother me too much. It was a perfect find for a great price- don't you just live for those moments?! He
  16. Found this Ursula mini windsock on sale at Rite Aid (of all places) - she's a little big, but she will look great posed near Ariel's Grotto!
  17. Most of mine are pretty quirky. I base a lot of my creations on my favorite books/stories/movies, so they are already not 'real' to most people, just to me.
  18. to scope out the new ornaments. In the miniature ornaments section, I found a tiny flamingo floatie with a tropical drink inside. I had to buy it for my Lio and Stitch Surf Shack!
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