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  1. I do have an excess of cardboard, which is why I keep making more and more houses (I also made a little vintage camper one day, just for a new challenge) I might be able to give this a whirl
  2. I dont really have any cloth right now, but Im going to keep that in mind for the future
  3. I've been very inspired lately, particularly by the art of twistedcopperforest on Instagram. I made this out of cardboard, covered it with gesso, then spackle, then paint, and am now attaching branches. I am trying to make it look like an old cottage abandoned in the woods, possibly a witch's house. The spackle made the house kind of heavy, so I don't want to do it on the inside. What would you suggest I do on the inside to make it look like an old cottage? I am trying to use materials I already have around the house, rather than buying more stuff (also, I am too impatient to wait a week or more for delivery right now). Please leave me some inspiration or suggestions.
  4. shamrockgirl18


    I'll Be There For You. . .
  5. an RGT lighthouse kit- re-named Captain January's Lighthouse as per the Shirley Temple movie "Captain January"- one of my fav movies when I was little
  6. Well, I know others who have gone one direction with a house, not liked it or kept it for some reason, and then re-do the house in a whole new way. . .I'd hate to get rid of it and then come up with a new idea for it. . .right now I don't have any other ideas for it b/c it's always been Snow White's house, but it just doesn't do anything for me anymore. . .
  7. I am thinking about selling my Snow White cottage. It was a great find, and I had some fun with it, but I honestly don't remember the last time I worked on it, or the last time I felt excited about it. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=browse&album=5861 When do you know when it's time to let a house go?
  8. Thank you! I am pleasantly surprised how well it's coming together. I love making mini's and dh's but I never thought my craftsmanship and skills were very good. . .I guess all the years of practice are helping though.
  9. shamrockgirl18

    Mice are Nice!

    So I've had this little red and white mouse for a couple years, and I thought he was cute. Then yesterday I bought the mouse with the glasses on clearance. They were both ornaments, but I think they are too cute to spend 11 months packed away in the basement, so I'm thinking of making a little house for them.
  10. They are really beautiful. I am really tempted because I have a little geisha tearoom, but not sure I'd have room for more dolls in there.
  11. The mini art set that I ordered yesterday. It's nothing super special, but I like it more than the artist palette mini's I see at Michael's or Hobby Lobby
  12. I'm surprised at this. Usually I can make the prices go down a little by 'unlocking' it or using some wish cash (refunded $ from special offers that I didnt win). I think I only saw a price increase once, and that was for a sweatshirt I was interested in (didn't end up getting it)
  13. here's the chessboard from wish.com. All the pieces are movable
  14. The bowl of wonton soup on the bowl was from wish.com
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