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  1. shamrockgirl18


    I'll Be There For You. . .
  2. shamrockgirl18

    Mice are Nice!

    So I've had this little red and white mouse for a couple years, and I thought he was cute. Then yesterday I bought the mouse with the glasses on clearance. They were both ornaments, but I think they are too cute to spend 11 months packed away in the basement, so I'm thinking of making a little house for them.
  3. shamrockgirl18

    Stitch's Surf Shack

    A surf shop inspired by the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch.
  4. I've been looking around for those exactly! Haven't found any yet though. . .
  5. Thanks for the tip! One of the windows is still in tact, so at least I'll have something to model them by. The extension interior had some kind of contact paper covering all the original graphics. It was old and peeling, so I was able to remove much of it, but it unfortunately took away the top layer of the cardboard walls, including the original graphics. I'm not sure how I am going to restore that, but I'd like to make it match the rest of the interior.
  6. shamrockgirl18

    Tink's Clock Apartment

    I've always wanted to do a Peter Pan inspired dollhouse/scene, but I guess I needed the right vessel. I found this clock on the side of the road, and as soon as I realized the back panel comes off very easily, I knew the inside would be perfect to do my own version of Tinkerbell's Clock apartment from the movie Hook
  7. I looked at your photo album- your house looks great! I am going to keep my mine vintage because I was gifted some antique (Strombecker?) furniture, and it looks really nice together. But it is going to need some work. Do you have any tips for restoring it?
  8. It appears to be a Keystone! I found the blog of a Keystone collector and she has one like mine.
  9. This is what her house looks like from the outside. It appears to be just the top of an old grandfather clock.
  10. Yesterday I went onto Facebook Marketplace (which I rarely do). I decided to do a bit of 'window shopping/browsing' to see if anyone was selling used dollhouses - just to get some inspiration, I swear! And someone had listed a FREE dollhouse! I couldn't believe someone was giving one away, so I messaged her immediately. She was very glad that someone was interested, and said she was about to donate it to Goodwill. I made arrangements with my husband to pick it up. It's an old wood/cardboard one. It needs some repairs, but overall it's not too bad. Originally when I read the description of it being in rough shape, I figured "I'll just make it into a haunted/abandoned house" but then I saw all the graphics on it, and it's just too charming.
  11. I've done a little work on it- here's a pic of her 'bed' with a stopwatch hanging down near it
  12. That's okay- I am looking forward to seeing it.
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