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  1. Suzy

    Suzy Lockwood 1.jpg

    Yes I did It was pretty easy to make, and one of my favorite parts!
  2. Suzy


    Your landscaping is lovely!
  3. Suzy

    1/144th Spring fling

    No story line really, I've just always loved those buildings you barely see as you drive past, the ones that seem to be in the midst of being reclaimed by nature.
  4. Suzy

    1/144th spring fling

    The lovely little version of the Spring fling from a few years ago.
  5. Suzy

    1/144 Beaumont mansion

    My first attempt at building 1/144 scale!
  6. Suzy

    The Folly on the hill

    That's a good idea Mike! Some strategically placed spotlights would work I think.
  7. As you can tell I'm a little late getting my 2009 entry finished...6 years late to be exact!
  8. Suzy

    Monster High House

    I had some wedge shaped pieces of wood from another build, but I think door stops would work just as well.
  9. Suzy

    Monster High Dollhouse

    This is a fashion doll sized house I designed and built for my daughter's Monster High dolls. Apparently they weren't getting along with the Barbies and had to move out :-D
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